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Default Bryy's Vicodin Adventure

A dull ache and constant ringing in the ears greeted Bryy, as he was slowly regaining consciousness. Opening one eye, he found himself surrounded by darkness. It was a place that was too dark for Bryy to see his full surroundings. Even in the darkness, Bryy could feel his head still swimming in a post drug induced haze.

Bryy lie for a moment, waiting for his vicodin to subside a little, before rolling over onto his knees, carefully feeling his way to what he thought was a wall. Bryy couldn’t be sure, but he thought he hear some fapping coming from somewhere. Crawling along, the wall, following the sound, bryy found a doorframe, and handle. Pulling the handle, Bryy tumbled onto the floor of an extremely bright room. Bryy was sprawled, pressing his forearms against his eyes to block the blinding, offensive, light. A few feet past Bryy’s head, floated a disembodied [^_^], blocking a glowing computer screen with 4chan images all over it.

Face was just as startled as Bryy was when he came tumbling out of the closet. Fortunately, he had the presence of mind to close the window with the picture of Ren’s Ass he used for masturbation. Taking note of Bryy’s strange state, Face hovered over to his friend.

“Bryy?!?” pondered Face. “Are you ok?”

Bryy groaned, he wasn’t ready for speech, just yet. Instead, he, gingerly sat up. Face summoned a glass of water for Bryy, who was happy to accept the cool, refreshing liquid. His head was starting to feel much clearer, when he staggered to his feet.

“Face…” Bryy began, “where am I?”

“You’re here.” Replied, Face. “In my bedroom.”

“How did I get here?”

“I don’t know. I was … Um… Coding something for the site, when you came flying out of my closet.”

Bryy disregarded the slight pink hue that was coloring Face’s cheeks. He straightened his posture, feeling his clothes and checking his pockets for anything that was useful in explaining how Bryy ended up in a closet in Face’s house. In the left breast pocket of his shirt, Bryy found an empty prescription bottle and a receipt for a pepperoni pizza.

Bryy shook his head to clear away the remaining bats. “Face, can I borrow your phone, I’m going to call Kroze so he can give me a ride home.”

“Uh, sure, Bryy. What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure. I remember filling my prescription for Vicodin, yesterday, after, that nothing.”

Face, hovered, grinning, then nodded over to where the phone was located, so Bryy could make his call. Bryy picked up the receiver, pressing the numbers, waiting patiently as the line ringed his best friend.

“Hello?” Came Kroze’s grouchy reply.

“Kroze? It’s Bryy. “ Bryy introduced himself. “I need ---”

“BRYY!?! What the hell do you want?!?”

“I’m at Face’s, can you come give me a ride home?”

“Go Fuck yourself, Bryy.” Click.
Bryy was even more confused than before. Kroze was the nicest guy, what did Bryy do to piss him off this badly? Bryy gently, replaced the receiver.

“When’s Kroze coming for you, Bryy?” Face startled Bryy with his question.”

“He’s not, I’ll have to think of something else.” Bryy’s expression was grim.

“I can have one of my house Trolls give you a lift. ETERNITY!!!” Face called out.

A small pale boy of 16 came running into the room.

“Hi, I’m eternity!!!“ The kid said way to cheerfully. “ How can I help you Face?’

“I need you to take Bryy, wherever he wants to go.” Face ordered.

Eternity nodded enthusiastically, bouncing out of the room, to the waiting car. Bryy cast a wary glance at Face, before shaking his head and following the sub-mod. Today was going to be a long day. Bryy had very little information about yesterday’s events. According to his schedule he was suppose to update Daily Beating, to the office of the web comic was a good place to start.

Bryy and eternity arrived at the building. Eternity was chattering incessantly over nothing particularly important, while Bryy silently marched to his office. Bryy sat at the desk, booting his computer to check on his comic, what appeared in place of the typical web comic chilled Bryy. It looked like someone photocopied their bare ass, then scanned it onto the computer, and uploaded it in place of the usual comic. Bryy was visibly shaken by the image, but had to find out who did this. He ventured to the security room to review the videotapes from the previous day.

Bryy entered a small darkened room with three glowing monitors atop a bare table, with paper, pen, remote, and DVR to keep them company. Bryy picked up the remote, engaging the DVR and one of the Monitors. He pressed menu to find the correct file from last night, before pressing play to view something that he was not prepared to view. Bryy saw himself, naked, dancing the tango with a Kirby doll, that appeared to be wearing makeup and a dress. Suddenly, video Bryy punted the toy across the room, then, doing a series of hip gyrations and pelvic thrusts that no human should view without taking the proper precautions. Bryy shuddered, shutting off the machine, removing the DVD, and finding a safe place to apply a lighted match to the disk.

Bryy looked around the room of the main office, for the Kirby from the video to find it in a corner beside the trash can. The Kirby, indeed, was wearing red lipstick and a red dress. Examining the doll, Bryy found it’s ID tag, the Kirby belonged to Araharu, but Kroze was the last person to have it. Kroze was ransoming the doll back to Araharu. Completely baffled, Bryy decides that Kroze is the only one to answer yesterday’s events. Bryy holstered the doll like a football, and left to find eternity standing by the car looking at a Magazine totally devoted to Naruto Porn.

“Colon Vee.” Smiled eternity.

“Eternity,” Demanded Bryy. “I need you to take me to see Kroze.”


“He should be at the theatre, rehearsing his lines for our movie. Take me there.”

“EX Dee”

Eternity returned to chatting about absolutely nothing in particular, while Bryy stared out the window lost in his own thoughts. He didn’t smoke, and wasn’t a heavy drinker, so, obviously, the only thing that made him crazy, last night had to have been the vicodin. The car jerked to a halt in front of the theater snapping Bryy out of his reverie. Bryy exited the vehicle, walking up to the door, entering the hall. He could hear Kroze going over lines with Gwen. Bryy wandered onto the set, to see Kroze standing next to Gwen working on their scene, waiting for them to finish, Bryy asked to speak to Kroze for a few minutes. Gwen moved off to the side, and Kroze grudgingly, followed Bryy to the green room to talk about the antics of the previous day.

“What do you want, Bryy?” Kroze accused.

“Nothing, Kroze.” Bryy raised his hands in a surrendering gesture.

“Well, If you want nothing, I’ll leave.” Kroze side stepped to try to exit the room, when Bryy caught his arm.

“Kroze?” Bryy began, “What did I do yesterday to make you so upset with me?”

“You don’t remember?” Kroze peered at Bryy. “You don’t remember?!?

“Um, no.”



“Man, you were sooooo, high on that viccodin. Hahahaha.”

“Tell me about it.” Bryy shakily sat in a folding chair to hear Kroze’s tale of Bryy’s viccodin adventure.

“Well, first.” Kroze began. “ I took you to get your Viccodin. You took one in the pharmacy, and 20 minutes later, because your toe was hurting that badly. You fell asleep after the second pill, and I drove you to your home, carried you in, plopping you on your couch, then left. A couple hours, after leaving you, you showed up at my house, wide eyed, and babbling wildly, wiped my computer of all my porn, completely disorganized all my DVDs and CDs, and stole the Kirby I was ransoming back to Araharu. A half hour after you trashed my place, you headed to Ed’s place, where you got into her makeup and stole a red dress. From there you must have headed to Daily Beatings to update your web comic, and still in a daze broke INTO Face’s house. Ren called me last night, when she saw you climbing into a window on the second floor of his house. Hahahaha.”

While Kroze was regaling, Bryy with his adventure, Bryy’s head, slowly, sank into the palms of his hands. Bryys was quite the busy man, while in his viccodin stupor, but at least his toe was feeling good.

“Thanks, Kroze.” Bryy was still very embarrassed.

“Hahaha,” Laughed Kroze. “Anytime, Bryy.”

“I’ll call everyone today, and apologize for trashing all their houses.”


“Oh and sorry to you, man, I’ll help you clean up whatever got messed up.”

“Sure thing, Man.”

“Also,” Bryy tossed the Kirby that had made it’s way to Bryy’s hoodie pocket, to Kroze, who catches it. “Hopefully, you can still get your ransom for this.”
“Hahaha.” Kroze guffawed. “I’ll try. Bryy, the next time you go on a viccodin bender, trash your own house.”

“I will.” Bryy winked returning Kroze’s laughter

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I trashed Ren's place due to my pent-up frustrations with never being able to have her due to her looking like my cousin.
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Originally Posted by Umbreon View Post
I agree.

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