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Old 12-30-2010
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I Used to be a major fan of the show, but now I just watch it whenever I happen to be flipping through the channels and see that it's on.

The only thing that annoys me is the fact that everyone always still says that stupid fishsticks joke.
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Old 01-17-2015
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Well, I used to hate the show when I was like 14 or whatever. I didn't like swears at the time (it's a long story), so I hated the bits I saw of it. As I grew older I started to like more adult cartoons (like Family Guy and American Dad and stuff), and now I recently I started watching South Park, and now I love it. I just feel weird about liking it since I used to hate it. LOL! I like the movie Bigger Longer and Uncut, the music was fun, the swears were funny, and it brought up good lessons, like accepting when somethings you're fault and not trying to blame others. Plus Angel Kenny at the end was ADORABLE! ^u^
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Old 07-18-2017
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Me too. I used to watch it all the time, but now w I just watch it whenever I happen to be flipping through the channels.
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Old 12-14-2017
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Used to watch it often when I was younger.
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