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Old 06-08-2011
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Default Wii U & Everybody Else

So E3's about halfway done, and I know you guys don't come here for my thoughts on videogame news, but I have to say I've been pretty much underwhelmed by everything.

Maybe it's just the way of things now, but most of the new stuff being shown is either stuff that's already been announced or it's all peripheral based nonsense that doesn't exactly set my world on fire. I'm not saying I hate motion/voice control, but don't be surprised if I walk into my local game store and slap a sticker that says "Better Without Kinect" onto as many boxes as possible before being forcibly ejected.

The Wii U looks... potentially interesting, but until they show me actual HD games running on it, and not just a sequence or a scene from a POSSIBLE game, I'm going to reserve any judgement. However, the tablet has enormous possibilities for a Wario Ware game - oh, and Fatal Frame. That'd be badass.

Onto more relevant topics, and this weekend we have AnimeNEXT in Somerset, New Jersey. I personally will not be there, however there will be an Abridged Panel on the Saturday in Events C at around 10pm hosted by my good friends 1KidsEntertainment, Nowacking, and purpleeyeswtf. I'm not going to spoil anything, but it will definitely be well worth your time.

Not sure if we have a booth at the convention or not - I'm never very up on these things. If we do, please stop by and pick up some shirts or nag them about new episodes which they have absolutely no control over!

Speaking of booths, I do want to give a really huge shout out to my friend helixD, who has for the past year or so been going to and forth from conventions representing the whole YGOTAS shebang, rallying people's interest and generally being an awesome guy. He's also responsible for refining the YGOTAS website and keeping all the social networking aspects up to date. So big thank you to him, and please accept my sympathies for having to deal with so many insane- I mean, enthusiastic fans.

A lot of people have helped me out over the past four or five years, and if I can manage to make a list of all of them and somehow do like a big retrospective thankyou video, I'd like to. Given the position I'm in, being a part of the convention circuit and helping to promote the show has been a very limited role for me. I can't thank everyone enough.
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Old 06-08-2011
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+1 Bravo to helix
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Old 06-08-2011
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Da'w :P

Emphasis on... enthusiastic. Very enthusiastic...
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Old 06-08-2011
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My niece is not very keen on those new systems either. You are not alone. She has been watching the live feeds for the past three days and even the parts I saw, I didn't even understand. I yearn for the Dreamcast days to come back. I don't know why ;D I so miss playing Sonic Adventure 2. If they were smart, they would stop investing in creating new systems and make the current systems not only upgradeable, but compatible with the new stuff that would enhance the game play. Now only if they could do that with computers...but then building your own is another alternative. ;D
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Old 06-08-2011
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God bless helixD for everything he's done for us and helping LittleKuriboh. :D
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Old 06-09-2011
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A rousing "Huzzah!" for helixD!

And I agree with you on the underwhelmed part. Aside from new teasers for ME3 and SW:TOR, nothing so far has really caught my eye or attention. Some real innovation would be nice.
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Old 06-10-2011
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The title of this thread is win. I couldn't really see the Nintendo Conference but I did see a few seconds of the Wii-U tablet being used to throw shurikens and it looked like a possible huge success.
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Old 06-10-2011
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Wii U definitely interests me more than the 3DS did last year. I'm curious to see what they come uo with.
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Old 06-14-2011
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The one thing I immediately wanted as soon as I saw the Wii U controller was a new Pokemon Snap.
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Old 11-09-2011
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All work and no play makes gcar a dull girl
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