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Default Uncharted Waters the Forum Game

Uncharted Waters the Forum Game!

You are a member of either the British or Spanish Navy and you are trying to conquer the Caribbean Islands for you prospective country either through brute force or financial backing. Watch out for the opposite team and pirates that have fled to these waters!


Character creation

First pick a class and a preferred team if Teams are uneven GM will balance them.


There is theÖ


Your soldier class used for fighting, forcing ports to bow to your will, and Keeping merchants safe can use level 9 ships and level 9 swords, Can collect on privateer bounties and have bounties put on them.

Hp: 9

Captain Level: 9

Duel level: 9

Starting boat: Carrack (level 6 boat)


Bread and butter of your team you need merchants to bring home the bacon and to subjugate ports in a less violent fashion. They canít use the better ships or swords and are generally targeted by pirates floating in the waters. Can collect on trade missions and Build up port defenses through investments. Collects one ingot (10,000 gold) per allied port

Hp: 6

Captain level: 5

Duel level: 5

Starting boat: pinnacle (level 2 boat)

After that everyone starts at a random friendly with equal amounts of privateer and merchants at each

So if there are 3 merchants and 6 privateers there will be 2 privateers at every friendly port with 1 merchant accompanying them


Beginning port stats

Wall (health if fired upon): 800

Captain Level 3

Cannons 300

Friendship 10 ingots (To neutrality)

There are a number of ports in the Caribbean and is constantly changing loyalty paying taxes to whoever owns them.

There are two ways to ďcaptureĒ a port one is by investing in it more then the opposite team the other way is by defeating the port by destroying the town wall with your boat or defeating the enemyís Captain of the Guard in a duel. Money can be spent by merchants to upgrade a portís wall, better equip the current captain, or increase the number of cannons in the port.

If a port is captured by defeating it then the privateer gets money equal to the money spent in the port.


Ship Battles

Ships move and fire on each other the faster ship moving and firing first. (If Fighting a Port portís actionate first)

When one ship fires on another Damage is calculated Damage calculations are as follows

Ĺ cannon rating + size of enemyís ship Ė ship armor = ship damage


A Galleon (with a cannon rating of 300 ) fires on a merchant's Crappy Boat that has a size rating of 5 an armor rating of 1 and a health rating of 10

So 150 + 5-1= -99 the crappy boat would be sunk and a life boat would be deployed so that the captain has a chance to escape (if close to an allied port) If he/she can escape then another boat can be purchased or stolen for him

Boats are repaired automatically in ports.


Duels are started when one captain rushes another captainís boat. And are fought in turns of attack and defend until someone ends up defeated The winning captain then chooses to either steal the ship and any gold that member has earned or kill the captain. Stealing a ship would give you the best ship (you can use) and either sells the stolen ship or gives it to a beached captain.

Duels are fought in turns of attack and defend and depend on luck rather then the better boat

There are 3 moves

S- Slash

T- Thrust

L- Lunge

At the start of a duel you will get a pm with your cards and card values on them each card can only be used once for offense and once for defense send back a pm in order you would like to use the cards for offense and defense

(Future Gmís use a deck of cards hearts= slash diamonds= thrust and spades/clovers= Lunge with the card number the value face cards are J=11 Q=12 K=13 A=1)

If two captains pick the same move the attack is negated different moves are either negated by a higher number or inflict damage

Ex: A duel

P vs. M

(Pís-cards) level 6 sword







(Mís cards) level 4 sword





P attacked and defended in this order


1. S9

2. L8

3. L3

4. L2

5. T12

6. T1


1. T1

2. T12

3. L2

4. L3

5. L8

6. S9

While M sent in this!


1. S6

2. S2

3. S1

4. L12

5. Reload

6. L12


1. S6

2. S1

3. S2

4. L12


6. S2

Higher level swords go first soÖ

A&D 1

P S9 vs. M S6


M S6 vs. P T1

P takes 5 damage

A&D 2

P L8 vs. M S2

M takes 6 damage M is defeated

I PM the winner he decides whether to Kill the enemy captain or to steal all gold aboard. Or both but generally this will fail as the crew tends to rebel (roll a d20 1-3 is a pass anything else is a fail and the defeated captain gets to escape)


Items can be bought anywhere and can be sent to any player in the water or at a port all merchants start out with 1 ingot and collect more as more ports are captured. Items can not be bought by pm but must be bought by posting publicly the item, price, and your current gold.


The ships for sell are

Crappy Boat level 0 1 ingot

Health 10

Starting cannon 1

Size 5

Armor rating 1

Speed rating 1

Life Raft level 1 5 ingots

Health 50

Starting cannon 5

Size 5

Armor rating 5

Speed rating 5

Pinnacle level 2 10 ingots

Health 100

Starting cannon 10

Size 25

Armor rating 50

Speed rating 5

Sloop lvl3 15 ingots

Health 150

Starting cannon 50

Size 30

Armor rating 75

Speed rating 6

Nao level 4 20 ingots

Health 200

Starting cannon 200

Size 30

Armor rating 125

Speed rating 6

Carrack level 5 25 ingots

Health 250

Starting cannon 250

Size 50

Armor rating 150

Speed rating 7

Xebec level 6 50 ingots

Health 500

Starting cannon 300

Size 150

Armor rating 200

Speed rating 5

Galleon level 7 55 ingots

Health 550

Starting cannon 330

Size 200

Armor rating 250

Speed rating 4

Venetian galleass level 8 70 ingots

Health 600

Starting cannon 400

Size 300

Armor rating 300

Speed rating 5

Full rigged ship level 9 90 ingots

Health 900

Starting cannon 600

Size 500

Armor rating 600

Speed rating 6


Drift wood level 1 1 ingot

Wooden sword level 2 2 ingots

Dirk level 3 3 ingots

Short sword level 4 4 ingots

Broad sword level 5 8 ingots

Long sword level 6 16 ingots

Rapier level 7 20 ingots

Cutlass level 8 25 ingots

Light saber level 9 50 ingots

Port upgrades (merchís only)

+50 wall health 10 ingots (+10 friendship)

+50 cannons 10 ingots (+10 friendship)

+10 friendship 10 ingots

Upgrade captains buy buying them better swords

Buy captain better sword (price of sword) (+friendship equal to amount of ingots spent on sword)



Pirates are npcís that have the best boats the best equipment and the highest skill sinking a pirate earns whoever did the most damage 100 ingots and defeating him in a duel allows you to capture his boat and sword (while unlikely for merchants to be able to Defeat a pirate in a duel, if lucky it could happen. He will either choose to give the boat and sword away, or to take a Broadsword and a Carrack.) Pirates want to capture the Caribbean ports for piracy taking money away from hard working people. Pirate loyal ports exist and generally have a large amount of treasure to be plundered but as with pirate captainís they are extremely strong and should only be taken on in groups or with high health.

Pirates tend to be fleeing crime and try to avoid privateers and merchants only attacking when you get too close or mess with one of their ports. So be careful!

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Round 1 signups

Back up GMS:




Mystical... for the lolz

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I... sign up?
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how many people have to be listed in this round?
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I'll sign up for teh lolz...
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I'd like 12...
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How about 6?
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