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Old 08-02-2007
Apollyon's Avatar
Apollyon Apollyon is offline
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Location: Ohio
Posts: 78

I love this series. I read like two of the books in a week I was so obsessed. I have the 12 book, but still have to finish it :)
It is pretty heavy stuff for children's literature, but I'm not little children so I can handle it :D
Old 08-02-2007
LizardBite LizardBite is offline
Posts: 41

I got bored of it after reading a few books.
Old 08-03-2007
jeeberdee jeeberdee is offline
Posts: 7

It's wasn't worth the 13 books, you can skip the 2-6, nothing really happens that has to do much with the plot. But that books weren't THAT depressing.
Old 08-05-2007
Joel Joel is offline
Posts: 22

I read all the way up to the last book then lost the will to continue and still haven't found it again yet.
Old 08-06-2007
mattmankori mattmankori is offline
Posts: 1

There Good Books, There Not That Depressing, Lemony's Always Like, "Put This Book Down, U Will Die Of Crying" Or Something Like That, And I Loved The End I Thought It Was The Best One
Old 08-06-2007
unnotreal unnotreal is offline
Posts: 13

I think the ending followed the entire series very well. It shows that no matter how far we go, how many answers we learn, we will never know the answer to everything.

Okay, fine. At least it's better than finding a diary that explains everything. I hate Deus Ex Machina.
Old 08-07-2007
kycoo kycoo is offline
Location: California
Posts: 102

It shows that no matter how far we go, how many answers we learn, we will never know the answer to everything.
If there's anything depressing about the series, that was it. :)

I was disappointed with the ending when I first read The End, but it grew on me.
Old 08-07-2007
Brett Brett is offline
Posts: 52

its not that depressing
i like them
Old 08-08-2007
fluffy2044 fluffy2044 is offline
Posts: 42

I didn't really like the ending. It was good and all and it had a twist...(OMG OLAF....) but still i ws kinda hoping for a more of a clouser..
Old 09-07-2007
MySuperSweetSeto MySuperSweetSeto is offline
Posts: 9

They are translated into dutch annd I trhink they are funny,, not depresseing,, just how its told,, <img src='/images/emoticons/smiley2.png'>
Old 09-07-2007
MySuperSweetSeto MySuperSweetSeto is offline
Posts: 9

They are translated into dutch annd I trhink they are funny,, not depresseing,, just how its told,, <img src='/images/emoticons/smiley2.png'>

woeps dubbel post,,
Old 09-09-2007
CrazyCalYa CrazyCalYa is offline
Posts: 26

lol i felt kind quezy after because of the end, like i did in harry potter.... so many loose ends...... zomfg why the livid hell did

[ they visit olafs grave every day? i mean COME OOOOON! he fucking killed everyone youve ever known and loved! id let the seagulls eat him! id laugh too! he killed you parents, your aunt, and i cant believe out of all the characters mr freaking poe didnt die. i wanted him to die so much. he reuined their lives! ok so this guy is evil and wearing a turban. cant be olaf, hes only STALKED them for about a year and through like 5 guardians. hes probably gonna stop now! because that makes sense. kill 5 people, hope nobody notices, then give up! the there was the incredibly deadly viper. ok, how big was this snake? was it pocket sized, like in the end? or was it freaking huge, like in book 2? and on that note, i would have like the ending to be they lived with the guy from book 2! he was like "go touch the snake!" im like that guy is L33T! then STAB STAB hes dead! and like, they blame everything on the baulalaires!cuz theyre SOOOO dumb theyd leave ribbons and teeth marks all over their victim! oh ya and like, how obvious was that the VFD box wasnt the one wit hth triplets inside? it was obviuosly a disrtaction! and if klaus reads books so much, wouldent he notice that the say CHILD SIZED in the red herring, and what a red herring is? oh and then what the hell happend to the kids? did they just sail away and die? i read the letters from beatrice, and it says like there alive and shit, but nothing more?it was like, 5 pages of boredom.although i liked the series, lemony fucked up the last time big one. ]
Old 09-13-2007
Misskaiba Misskaiba is offline
Posts: 2

i find it funny too, or shall we say depressing in a funny way?
i didn't like the ending though
Old 09-17-2007
screwedyules screwedyules is offline
Posts: 115

amazing series-though ive only read up to about book 10, cause im broke. but the plot i have to say was somewhat predictable, but as i only read it for the writing style, its awesome. but what was really great was his unauthorized autobiography. did anyone read that? the film sucked, yes, but if you turn the sound off, its great.
Old 09-17-2007
kycoo kycoo is offline
Location: California
Posts: 102

Yeah, I loved the unauthorized autobiography. It's so much fun to go back and read the books and look for the VFD references you might have missed. :)
Old 09-19-2007
Redsoxpsyco Redsoxpsyco is offline
Posts: 9

Snicket is a genius in literature. He's the only author that can get away with changing the subject for chapters at a time. He has the best writing and best imagination of any author I've ever seen. (I'm going by author, not by story, fellow potter fans, calm down -_-)

I liked the ending frankly, the rising action was very suspenseful, but the climax seemed to be the only way to end that book series. I almost felt a bigger pit in my stomach than when I finished Harry Potter. O_O
Old 09-26-2007
Navaroas Navaroas is offline
Posts: 82

I started reading A Series of Unfortunate Events when the movie was coming out. I didn't watch the movie until I was done with about the 9th book and was thoroughly disappointed to see Olaf as a comedy character rather than a downright villain. The books were awesome, they are kind of sad, but the writers sense of writing makes it cool and maybe even funny. I totally like the series.
Navaroas " What I do is sealed within my words."
Old 10-25-2007
screwedyules screwedyules is offline
Posts: 115

i just like the writing style more than the actual plot, but that's just me, i also liked the unauthorized autobiography of lemony snicket more than any one of the books. maybe its just that funky vibe about it.
Old 10-30-2007
wokwoktheskydragon's Avatar
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I agree with most of you. I've read the whole series, but I need to see the movie again. When I saw it when it first came out, I thought it was good. But that was the only time I ever saw it.... I might need to see it again to give an updated opinion.
But the ending of the series was fine, in my opinion. The unexplained things will come in just about any series, it's not unique to this one. It just adds a little bit to think about after the series is over.
And perhaps Lemony Snicket can refer back to this in any future books of his. He'll probably put in the baby as one of the characters, or something.
Old 11-09-2007
luckychan luckychan is offline
Posts: 26

i liked the film, and because of it, i read the books!

i thought some bits were depressing, but it was funny, and witty, and i enjoyed it overall!

the film was good, but they did give it a happy end, and i thihnk they should have left it open to MAYBE add a few more books on <img src='/images/emoticons/smiley5.png'> but thats my opinion.
Old 05-01-2008
lilliejean's Avatar
lilliejean lilliejean is offline
Posts: 3,540

I loved how he kept going off topic though it must have taken so much planning to fit all those hidden clues into them. [ Apparently in book 8, one of the names in the list of patients (when Klaus and Sunny are looking for Violet) is an anagram of Beatrice Baudelaire. ]
[ (EDIT) More information: as well as Beatrice (Carrie E. Abelabudite), there was Lemony Snicket (Monty Kensickle), Brett Helquist (Eriq Bluthetts) and red herring (Ned H. Rirger), maybe others. ]
Old 05-05-2008
Elastas Elastas is offline
Posts: 616

it was good,alot of loose ends
Old 06-01-2008
Cosmo137 Cosmo137 is offline
Posts: 47

I liked Book 12 the best. Books 8-13 is where it gets interesting, before that it's like the same recycled plot over and over. I wonder, does the idea of VFD have any historical refferences?
Old 06-18-2008
viarules viarules is offline
Posts: 100

I loved those books... Seriously i read 6 of them in 3 days but the movie was a huge disappointment. Now they can't make the other 10 great books ;) some of the stuff in the books was entirely impossible which sucked. Sunny knowing all this stuff about cooking and cures to diseases for example. Wtf?
Old 07-09-2008
AmericanLimey AmericanLimey is offline
Posts: 12

This series is very much under rated.

The End was appropriate for his writing style. The aren't epic and dramatic fantasies, we shouldn't have expected all the loose ends to come together. The whole point of the The End was that no one will have all there questions answered.
Old 07-10-2008
Chidori's Avatar
Chidori Chidori is offline
Location: England.
Posts: 756

It's not depressing whatsoever and is not meant to be taken seriously.
Old 07-10-2008
ocrinaoftimefreak's Avatar
ocrinaoftimefreak ocrinaoftimefreak is offline
Posts: 430

Ive never read unfourtunate events.

[s]waste of a post![/s]
Old 01-01-2009
Ibiza Ibiza is offline
Posts: 31

It was depressing but that's what made me want to keep reading it. Not that Lemony Snicket has a weird sense of humor or anything but that you would never find a happy ending with the series.. I read them so far back which was like 3 or 4 years ago that I don't even remember the ending anymore. <img src='/images/emoticons/smiley5.png'>
Oh, and the movie sucked horribly. How dare they make it all happy at the end... what the hell?!
Old 01-02-2009
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I read every book. I really liked the series.

Then I read the end. I hate it when a decent series like that one that keeps readers interested for so long as a really bad ending. It made me feel like I had read that series for no reason.....the thing that made it so interesting was all the mysteries in it after all.
Old 03-11-2009
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Gender: Female
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I agree. I actually really liked the first 12 books, but the end killed them all
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