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Default Yellow's fan fiction thread

My fan fiction thread, I decided to throw all of my crap in one ghetto. Anywho, I wrote a Ryou Bakura one-shot called "Connected Forever". Is morbid, you have been warned and is set in manga canon. Here it is:
====================Connected Forever===================
Ryou Bakura blew a strand of his long white hair away from his face, slumped in his chair, struggling to focus on the teacher up front.
He knew the lesson had something to do with Math, but it was rather hard to concentrate. The ring was aglow underneath the brass buttons of his school uniform, a prong bulging towards Yugi's puzzle. Yugi was sitting, perked up, humming and taking occasional notes. He looked so enviously peaceful.
Bakura turned his attention back to the teacher's lesson but all he could hear was the moan of "Puzzle. Puzzle. Puzzle. Puzzle. Puzzle. Puzzle. Puzzle." from his ring.
"Bakura pay attention!" yelled the brute of a teacher.
"I'm very sorry Sir, very sorry. I'm just having some difficulties hearing..." Bakura said, holding his hands up as if bracing himself for an oncoming blow.
"No doubt its because of your long hair!" laughed the teacher smugly, turning to write more on the board.
"G-g-good one Sir." said Bakura as the Ring whispered. "Kill him. Kill him. Kill him. Kill him."
Bakura shifted uneasily as some students gave aside glances at him, murmuring.
The shrill cry of the bell startled Bakura out of his concentration as students flew out of the room.
Yugi was slowly picking up his things. Leave dammit... Bakura thought as the Ring started digging into his chest, a rather painful tendency the Ring carried.
Yugi noticed Bakura wincing in pain and came over, large violet eyes transfixed on him. "Are you OK Bakura?"
"Of course!" Bakura said in a sing-song tone, plastering a fake smile on his face.
His presence caused the ring to dig more into his chest, as other prongs pointed towards the puzzle.
"Well I was just asking because..." Yugi paused, searching for the right words, but just pointed at his chest.
Bakura looked down, and saw that his uniform jacket had come upon due to the pointing prongs and his white shirt was dyed red in blood.
"Must've got some ketchup on my shirt." Bakura laughed, quickly re-buttoning the coat. "Nothing to worry about!"
Yugi nodded, eying Bakura warily. "Want to come over to the shop sometime? Maybe we can play some Duel Monsters. I know you're probably upset we haven't hung out much since the tournament."
Yugi thinks hes the reason I'm upset... Bakura thought gloomily, replying, "I'd love to do that, and I appreciate the thought but-" he was cut off by what sounded like a faint, close voice. Bakura tried to speak but couldn't even move his mouth.
"you promise not to go hard on me? I mean your such a great duelist and all." said the voice slyly out of Bakura's mouth.
"Don't worry, I won't!" Yugi said with a wink, slinging a bag over his shoulder and adjourning.
Bakura started to shake nervously, picking up his books. What will that... that thing do? He thought.
"Well maybe-" he said to himself. "If I just lock myself in my house and then call him then-"
He blinked and found himself walking in the Kame Game shop, pushing open the doors and making his way into the front room.
"Hey Bakura!" Yugi said gleefully waving from his stool behind the glass counter.
"H-hi." Bakura stammered, finding himself unwillingly walking to the counter and sitting down.
"Wanna duel here? The shop's closed so I'm sure Grandpa won't mind." Yugi said gesturing towards the duel mat on the glass counter.
Bakura felt his chest burning. Like the ring he wore was dipped into lava then put back onto him.
"OK." Bakura said nervously, his hands grabbing a deck he didn't know he had, shuffling it without his input.
"This will be so fun, we haven't played a game in forever!" said Yugi.
"Uh-huh." Bakura said, his eyes involuntarily transfixed at the golden inverted pyramid around his neck. It swung back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and-
Yugi made a loud 'thump' placing his deck on the counter.
Bakura put his on the counter as well.
"Hey, Yugi, wanna make this more fun?" said a voice ominously from Bakura.
No... Bakura thought, knowing what would happen.
"Sure." said Yugi in his usual innocent manner.
"How about a Shadow Game?" it replied, as dark shadow enveloped the shop.
"I accept your challenge, Bakura!" said a now fierce Yugi.
To Bakura everything seemed rather hazy and the voices sounded like they were underwater. It was all moving so fast, Ryou could only watch helplessly as the Ring's spirit viscously attacked Yugi with an arsenal of monsters spawning by his shadow magic.
However Yugi finally drew a trump card, Bakura couldn't quite make it out, and the black shadow suddenly vanished.
Bakura was suddenly back into his body. Exhausted, gasping for air, clinging to the counter so he won't fall off.
"You lose Bakura!" barked the Pharaoh.
Ryou struggled for air. "What is-" he gasped. "going on?"
Yugi changed back to himself and rushed to Bakura.
"Are you OK?" Yugi said, worriedly looking at Bakura desperately sucking in air, clutching his chest in pain.
"This might be another trick to get closer to the puzzle." Pharaoh said coldly ,eyeing him.
"A trick?" Bakura wheezed.
"Well yeah, you lured us here, set this trap!" Yugi said.
"You could have killed him!" yelled the Pharaoh.
"S-s-sor-" Bakura couldn't get out the words. "S-ss SHUT UP!" tears fell from his eyes. "I didn't want this!" he yelled. "I don't want to hurt my friends! Its the ring!"
"But can't you just get rid of the ring?" Yugi sheepishly suggested quite unsure how to handle the normally calm Bakura breaking down like this.
"Get rid of it? I've tried..." Bakura ripped open his shirt, chest littered with scars and puncture wounds.
Bakura reached his hand near the ring, which made it dig its prongs into Bakura's skin. He winced, as he tried ripping them out. However that just made the prongs stab deeper and the pulling just made his chest bleed more.
Yugi reached a hand down towards Bakura. "Maybe our friends-"
"Friends?" Bakura said sobbing. "I can't have FRIENDS! I can't have silence, or peace, or sleep, or a day without my every move I do being dictated by a cruel sociopath!"
Yugi stepped back, timidly grabbing the phone for emergency services.
"Even if I get rid of him, they'll remember what he had done with my face! Even I get rid of him he will haunt me! We are connected forever!" Bakura sobbed trying in vain to pull the prongs out, blood pouring on his hands. "Connected forever..." he whimpered collapsing into a bloody pool.
"We are connected forever!" laughed the ring from Bakura's whimpering mouth, his teary eyes glinting with the ring's sadistic glee. "CONNECTED FOREVER!"
The maniacal laughter drained out the sound of ambulance sirens. Bakura whimpered one more time as he was pulled on a gurney, "Connected forever..."
Comments are appreciated ~
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Not so much a fanfic but a fan theory that I previously talked about. Here it is:
Duel Monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe is an international phenomenon that seems to be supported by the most eccentric of the rich. Many large companies preside over the distribution of everyone's favorite children's card game across the world.
The Duel Monsters card game's original home is in the United States of America, manufactured by Pegasus under Industrial Illusions. Industrial Illusions-Asia Branch presides over Asian-English cards released in Singapore and related countries, presided over by Yakou Tenma. Duel Monsters is also a popular game in Japan, known as "Magic & Wizards", licensed to Seto Kaiba under KaibaCorp. who often holds official tournaments and has gone a long way in creating hologram technology to accommodate the game. Duel Monsters has also found its way to Europe, licensed to Zigfried von Schroeder of Schroeder Corp, which also has hologram systems akin to KaibaCorp.
Many license holders have different rules, card sets, and the like. The USA has I2 exclusive cards such as the Toon monsters. Japan has KC exclusive cards such as those only appearing in Anime or Manga with no real life equivalents. Most cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! R are never before seen in any other media, which may because I2-Asia has cards exclusive to the Singaporean area. Europe also has its share of Schroeder Corp cards, such as Walkürenritt (Ride of the Valkyries) and the Golden Castle of Stromberg.
Different regional licenses may explain the different rules. Duelist Kingdom had 2000 LP, no tributes, type match ups, and no direct life point attacks. Battle City had 4000 LP, tributes, no type match ups, and direct life point attacks. Thus Duelist Kingdom was using the rules and guidelines set by Industrial Illusions in the USA while Battle City was using the rules and guidelines set by KaibaCorp in Japan.
Thus, the Duel Monsters franchise is international and being distributed by many wealth companies with way too much time on their hands, and the regional rule and version differences can explain many inconsistencies inherit in the series.
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I said it before, and I'll say it again: Your fanfic is very good. Bakura and Yugi are played very well, and I especially like:
Yugi sheepishly suggested quite unsure how to handle the normally calm Bakura breaking down like this.
"We are connected forever!" laughed the ring from Bakura's whimpering mouth, his teary eyes glinting with the ring's sadistic glee. "CONNECTED FOREVER!"
Although my interpretation of the Ring Spirit isn't quite as insane, I think that you're a very decent fanfic writer.
I didn't ask: Is this your first one-shot?
Old 01-29-2010
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Yep, that's my first one-shot. I'm an amateur when it comes to fan fiction, and so I've always tried to chapter fics and never got them done. Thus why the one-shot is good.
As well, I don't think the Ring Spirit is insane, just that the Ring Spirit is sadistic, cruel, and tries to get whatever it/he wants by any means.
One thing I note is that the Ring Spirit's sadistic nature and trigger happy in regards to giving people Penalty Games is alot like how Yami Yugi was in the first few chapters of the manga. Yami Yugi of early manga and first anime is a very sadistic person with a strong sense of justice, he gives me the creeps actually. I suppose Takashi realized this and shifted "evil sociopath" to someone else. Good call, I must say.
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