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Desu ~
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I wish to actionate!
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Originally Posted by 0mnislash17 View Post
I wish to actionate!
Man, get outta here
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This is the yearly shitpost, that only happens once a year
reply to this post for infinite fancy hats
if u ignore, zombies will show up to gnaw your arm and stomp all over your discarded monopoly boards that you threw at them as a distaction
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I sign up.
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Turn 0 Results:


A man stirs. Opening up his eyes, he is greeted only by darkness.

"...Damn, I must have really tied one on last night. I didn't think you could actually drink yourself blind. Huh."

Rising to his feet, Jack raises his arms in front of himself cautiously, feeling for a wall. As he shuffles forward, he feels a sharp pain in his shin and falls over something. Upon impact with the coffee table, a particularly dark pair of sunglasses fall off his face, eliciting a groan of pain as light assaults his eyes.

"...Serves me right, I guess." Jack mutters, moving his hand to shield his eyes and fighting back a wave of nausea. Once the room stabilizes, he rises again, moving to the refrigerator. Opening it, he takes out a bottle of Jack, leaving the door open behind him as he plods over to the couch.

"Aaaaah, that's better. Wonder what general stupidity the world is up to today..." Jack says, taking a deep pull from the bottle. He fumbles underneath the cushion for a moment, finally coming up with a remote. He drops it once, curses a bit, and picks it up again, turning on the television. A reporter shows up immediately, looking slightly harried.



"-that attacks have been reported all over the city. We repeat, citizens are to stay in their home and-Hey! Which one of you morons left the door open? No I don't care who it was, just get that thing out of-*kssssssh*"

Connor stares at the television, nonplussed.

"Well, shit, my dudes. What now?" He mumbles to himself, as is his normal fashion. Before he can contemplate the matter further, he hears the sound of breaking glass. Looking behind himself, he sees an overweight fellow with a terribly scuzzy beard trying to force himself through the dining room window. Blood mats the front of the man's shirt.

With no hesitation, Connor snatches up a nearby board game board, folds it up, and runs at the man, shoving the board down his throat, pushing the intruder back outside. The attacker falls on his back, scrabbling at the Monopoly board.

Turn 1 Start.

Turn 1 Results whenever the hell I feel really, really bored.
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Well its good you've kept busy for three months, at least v:
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