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Default UPDATED: Auction/Donation Details for Card Games For Charity - Japan Tsunami Relief

(See Video in "Latest Video" Section)

Send all your charity donations for the one-shot parody to paypal account accompanied by an email specifying which of the five animes you want me to do. All other emails will be deleted. The winning one-shot will be announced on the 15th of April, and then no more donations will be accepted.



Signed Dark Magician -
Signed Stardust Dragon -
YGO 3D Ticket Stub -
YGO 3D Movie Cards -
Time Wizard/Dark Magician Set -
Dark Magicial Girl (Fanservice Version) -

5D's Print "Riding Duel, Accelerate" -

Kuriboh Plushie #1 -
Kuriboh Plushie #2 -
Kuriboh Plushie #3 -

20 Mystery YGO Cards -
Slifer The Sky Dragon Card -
Unity Card (w/ YGOTAS voice) -
Chimera The Flying Mythical Beast Card -
Witch Of The Black Rose Card -
Kuriboh Card -
Dark Paladin Card -
Relinquished Card -
Detonate Card -
Dark Magician Girl Card -
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card #1 -
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card #2 -
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card #3 -
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Card -
Black Luster Soldier w/ Ritual Cards -

YGO Bunkoban Manga #12 -
YGO Bunkoban Manga #20 -

direct donation to Red Cross -
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