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Old 07-23-2007
Ryuzuki Ryuzuki is offline
Posts: 3

i love both...
Bleach I believe has a better plot and even though is running still interesting...
Naruto began to lose my interest...Which sucks...but anyways...
Bleach > Naruto/

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Old 07-24-2007
BlueEyesWhiteGirl BlueEyesWhiteGirl is offline
Posts: 20

Naruto FTW! Bleach is pretty good but the storyline can get pretty lame. Naruto pulls me into the story with its emotional appeal and its dramatic irony while Bleach its starts out good then it dies down so its hard to finish watching.
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Old 07-24-2007
yoeivil3r yoeivil3r is offline
Posts: 191

Naruto pulls me into the story with its emotional appeal and its dramatic irony while Bleach its starts out good then it dies down so its hard to finish watching.
No offence but i though it was intresting that you said that because i thought Bleach was pretty bad in the beginning but got better.
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Old 07-27-2007
moonshadow moonshadow is offline
Posts: 24

ive never seen bleach, so my answers naruto, but i agree, most of the filler does suck. but i just skipped them.i dont understand y people watch the fillers if they dont like them.
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Old 08-14-2011
getsuga tenshou's Avatar
getsuga tenshou getsuga tenshou is offline
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I like bleach if you skip filler arks for the most part. The bount ark really bored the heck out of me. and the sword find eps were crap. I did like some of the random fillers lke the dream one. they were good.
and Naruto I stoped watching it after naruto and sasuke fought. It had funny eps and good story. but really i got bored of both of them and watched death note cuz its better than both lol.
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Old 08-30-2011
brooklyn_rage! brooklyn_rage! is offline
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Old 09-27-2011
Lomanic's Avatar
Lomanic Lomanic is offline
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Posts: 28

I have never watched either. But Code Geass is probably better than both anyways.

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