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Post Stage Select Gaming Expo 2015 Post-Convention Report

Stage Select Gaming Expo in Toronto, ON from July 6 at

For the second year for this video game-themed convention that covered cosplay, a mini-arcade and meeting developers & people from the gaming industry particularly the independent gaming scene, Stage Select Gaming Expo many fans come to get together and have a lot of amusement. The 404s performed for the first time at the fledgling 1-day event playing up to the theme. About a few hundred or so people made up of attendees, vendors, artists, game developers, speakers and staff with volunteers were on hand.

The 404s show introduced the geek-prov style to a bunch of new fans at this convention. About 35 people came for it and more filtered in during the show. With video games in mind, there were dating sims that ended up as washroom weddings, the ‘sequel’ to Superman 64, zombie games where apparently zombies can’t swim but sure can swing a good chair around when they’re able to see their target, the musical remake of Psychonauts, and even a Press Conference by Gabe Newell announcing he’s making Fallout 4 but with more fedoras and hats. People got to learn from the old PSA Hey You Down There how to murder for gaming experience, even if little loot was retained yet the 4th wall was broken with 1 less narrator at the end thanks to sharp pens, while murder was also the theme of a Heavy Rain remake with clown shoes as the cause for foul play. There was some wooing of a damsel whose gums were like the desert cleansed, though do be careful of Rush from Mega Man for any dates!

There were other things to do as well. I got to play on the PS3 with arcade sticks some Japanese games for Gundam and Persona that were fun to get into with friends. I also got a lot of photos from the Cosplay Contest that had some really impressive and fun entries. From comical stuff like a friend doing the guy from the Atari E.T. game and an assassin from Assassin’s Creed just showing up to then sit down after having surprised everyone, to some great work for props like for the 2 Charizard cosplayers and the sewn work by a cosplayer as Hope from Final Fantasy 13, it was a neat group to see prior to The 404s show.

The dealer’s room/artist alley had some things that I got from friends I know as well, so here is the list of what I got this time!

*The big one item I was happy to get was more art magnets from Hunter Geek! Got 2 tiny Megaman and Jaws knit magnets but the big thing was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer logo that I had to get!

*From another artist called Storm Cup Creations, I got a Sailor Venus bookmark for my new books noted in my last convention report, and the cast of Haikyu with cat ears in sticker form to use on my deck boxes. His site for more shopping is at

*Finally not a purchase yet but am looking into possibly getting an order in by ConBravo when I see him again, getting from The Rice Hat Samurai Studio a new chainmail dice bag. His site is located at

Many thanks to everyone from attendees to staff who made it a fun, one day experience!

As always, I collect all videos of the Eastside 404s shows that can be found on the current ongoing Video Play Set at on my channel at

Check out this regularly updated public photo album of my convention photos (the newest photos are at the end pages of the album) at:

The latest events and links to The 404s can be found at and more YouTube videos are at


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