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Post G-Anime 2014 Post-Convention Report

G-Anime from January 24-26, 2014 in Gatineau, Quebec at

Welcome to the first convention report of the 2014 year! Heading up to Quebec again on the first day for a packed weekend of shows and events, The 404s ( had 2 big shows, 1 each day with the Late Night Extravaganza and the Sunday Weekend Finale in the Main Events Room at G-Anime. Both shows had about 100 plus audience members while it was a decently packed convention overall of a few thousand over 3 days it ran.

The 404s had a bunch of scenes and games for the crowd during both shows, with even some musical ones too! There was a silly game of Pan Left, Pan Right with a marriage flashback and the selling of Safari Zone pelts. Look, Look Away involved climbing a giant potato from Attack on Titan that ended up with a dance then falling off a cliff. Mission Improbable sent 2 agents to clean uniforms for new recruits using things like a steam room, hair that is flammable, and a carrier pigeon before Pokeballs were invented. There was a Press conference that turned me into Justin Bieber becoming a Sailor Scout. I also became a Party Quirks host for a special RSVP party that had an alien hiding his identity, a YouTube filmmaker looking for fame and a Star Wars fanboy. Number of words lead to a gospel to heal sins via hymn. There was a Recreation of the anime High School of the Dead in 1 minute then it was done in Halftime for each recap so many zombies got shot over and over again.

There was a PSA from Hey You Down There about Paladin training with big swords and undead. Another lesson showed How to Train your Panda with help from some audience Pillars to fill in some lines of the cast. A puppet show even occurred with Dead bodies of both the cast and an audience member to tell the tale of a magician turning the world French starting with one of 2 siblings like in the anime Pupa. The show even got emotional for a Serenade to Sebastian, a fan who came on stage. The shows ended with Survivor retelling the anime Fist of the North Star with 1 less actor each time, and the fans gave their Scenes from a Hat suggestions for the cast to react to with topics like ‘Forgotten Regenerations of the Doctor’ (Hi Everybody, hi Doctor Nick!), ‘Things done at cons that would get someone fired’, and the worst new My Little Ponies (like the 4 ponies of the Apocalypse!). Oh and we sang The 404s Musical for everyone!

Also the Skeletons in the Closet event occurred, where mine was cross-dressing as Millie Thompson from Trigun and meeting Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars’ Lando) at a convention for a photo. The cosplaying ladies who also participated had some fun secrets revealed too in how not to microwave pants to seeing a pro wrestling show with tequila and zombies involved. Thanks for the fun times from DeAnna and Cadney. There was also Celebrity Geek Squares that The 404s aided at even if there were a growing Throne of Lies on the panel, and some amazingly lucky guesses that even shocked the Celebs for trivia on everything from anime to medical and biology questions. Finally the convention had some fun events and rooms from G-Idol where amateur singers showed their skills to large crowds to the gaming room where lots of old school games and new were being played. Getting to finish the Sunsetriders arcade game with friends was neat, while playing Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon and Magic was great to get back into the groove of collector card gaming again...even if I went winless. It’s about playing and learning at tourneys, all while getting some new cards via purchase or traders too. I also got to play against a few different decks at the tourney like an Inzektors, an updated Blue-Eyes-White Dragon with the Maiden with Eyes of Blue deck, and a Lightsworn deck.

Here are my finds this convention in the dealer’s room, gaming room and artist alley:

*A Plush Master Ball
*A new Chi Sweet Home Keychain
* A Chi the cat Bookmark and a Bleach Rukia & Ichigo Bookmark
* Card sleeves for Magic
* Pre-Release boosters for Pokémon XY, and some singles for Yu-Gi-Oh via trades and bonus cards won at the tournament in raffles
* 2 CDs from the Electronic Super Joy at

It was a fun time as always and it’s becoming another regular convention on the circuit that’s growing strong in Quebec. Do come back for the next convention review!

As always, I collect all videos of the Eastside 404s shows that can be found on the following playlists.

The Current Updated, Ongoing Video Set –
The Older First Sets of Videos - and
And here are a few different playlists for various convention videos, mixing conventions I’ve been to and others I liked seeing online: AND
Finally, check out this regularly updated public photo album of my convention photos at:

The latest events and links to The 404s can be found as well at the main website at
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