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Thumbs up Fanfare Geekfest 2014 in Hamilton's Sheraton Courtesy Conbravo-Inaugural Event Report

FANFARE GEEKFEST held by Conbravo on Saturday April 19 Mini-Event Report from Hamilton, ON, at

For a 1 day FREE event to the public that did about 700 plus attendees (and this was up against a Hamilton Bulldogs AHL Playoff Game, a World Series of Fighting Canada MMA Event, a BOWLING event and other fandom events that did charge admission in Toronto). It featured cosplaying that I got a few photos of and some gaming both video gaming and tabletop gaming. I got to play some Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma on a nice arcade stick as Noel who is my go to character. Tabletop gaming featured my introduction to Spartacus the Board Game based on the TV Series ( ) where we got to scheme, send gladiators to battle and market trade. Our game went like a old WCW pay-per-view at first when it opened with me and a friend in a long 10 plus round fight (that I lost)...then somehow the next 2 gladiator fights featured slaves that somehow the slaves came out of barely scathed! After a rematch of another long fight that was almost as long as the first the game ended in a Primus Tag Four-Way Gladiator battle.

D-20 Live (https://www.*************/d20live ) which had a neat prequel event let normal players come in and do a session normally done by special guests at Conbravo. It was a fun session that had them help a village against an evil potion that comes from the first ever event. There was much tea drunken, all sorts of magic and alchemy mixed into battle but the ranger, fighter, wizard and paladin came out victorious! And the dice sets I lend still do best for everyone but I on rolls. Also at the event was a local reptile touring group where I got up close with a python. Well as close as I’d allow while in my Shinra Durarara simplified cosplay for the latter part of the day.

MY SMALL FINDS from the Dealers:
*I need to get next time a Miki plushie from Shugo Chara I shouldn’t have had passed on first look around but I got from that same vendor some grape and strawberry Hi-Chew along with a Toriko T-shirt
*I also got a neat set of Tetris block magnets that were handmade sewn by https://www.*************/HunterGeek

Overall it was a great inaugural event to draw people’s attentions to Conbravo in July!

As always, I collect all videos of the Eastside 404s shows that can be found on the following playlists.

The Current Updated, Ongoing Video Set –
The Older First Sets of Videos - and
Finally, check out this regularly updated public photo album of my convention photos at:
The latest events and links to The 404s can be found as well at the main website at
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