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Old 06-24-2010
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Default Anime-Expo and Otakon Appearances

Hey folks, your erstwhile comedy spoof creator dude LittleKuriboh here.

You may have noticed I've been appearing sporadically at conventions recently. "That's all well and good!" I hear you say, "But when will you be appearing at two of the biggest cons in the west, Anime Expo and Otakon?"

Really specific questions you've got there. But hey, I have an answer. Next month! Myself and Kroze, along with a bunch of other YGOTAS folks, are going to be attending Expo and Otakon this July. We'll be in the dealer's room for the most part, though apparently I am also taking part in some sort of improv group thing at Anime Expo. Not sure of the details yet.

Hope to see you guys there! And if you're coming to San Diego Comic-Con, I might catch you around the convention center!
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Old 06-24-2010
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I have been waiting for this!
Please say you'll be there on Saturday (Day 3- I think).

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Old 06-24-2010
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Nice. Finally some good news today.
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Old 07-27-2010
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Any chance of seeing you at Anime Boston next year? ^_^
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Old 07-28-2010
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Maybe fans in germany will get the chance to meet LK in Germany.
Approriate Conventions for that would be The Japanese Day in DŘsseldorf for example xD
Too bad I cannot travel to both conventions -.- But maybe there┤s a tiny little chance that you would come to Germany and say ┤┤Guten Tag▀▀ ;)

greetings wernerrotz
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