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Old 12-22-2013
Mr.Awesome Mr.Awesome is offline
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Default I'm being constantly harassed and threatened by DarkSunDuelist in the main chat box

chat mod DarkSunDuelist has been a pain in the
bottom ever since i joined the chat
i have done nothing wrong whatsoever besides being slightly rude and talkative
(which doesn't really call for that much overreacting towards the situation)
i was banned by multiple times in the chat for no adequately explained reason by DarkSunDuelist.
i dont know why i was able to join back a couple of times, i thought i was unbanned but i apparently wasn't and thus i was threatened by darksunduelist, he said he'd call the police and stuff.
which i would like to clarify that its not my fault that i was able to join back though i was banned, i honestly didn't try manipulate anything.
i know that im not welcome but
That much overreacting? seriously?
anyways im not going to that mine field again
i'll just leave this message here since i felt like the main chat room is under a really awful management.
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Old 01-03-2014
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lol i joined the chat just once, today , everyone was afk or sleeping
guess i wont join the chat anymore
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Old 01-04-2014
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Originally Posted by Chaos_Soul View Post
lol i joined the chat just once, today , everyone was afk or sleeping
guess i wont join the chat anymore
: (
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Old 01-04-2014
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I haven't been on a chat since the glory days of AOL. I even disable chat in MMOs because the constant flow of text is distracting.

I dunno dude, ignore *her messages entirely. Don't give *her the courtesy of a response to anything *she says.

*At least 60% of YGOA, HxH, Saiyuki, Black Butler, Noblesse, & PSOH fans are women, so I will never assume it's a dude.

Speaking of HxH, I can see Gon Freecss in the upper left corner of the screen. I think I would shit myself with joy if LittleKuriboh abridged that.

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