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Lightbulb Conbravo 2016 from July 29-31, 2016 Post Convention Report

Conbravo 2016 from July 29-31 in Hamilton, ON at

It was another jam-packed convention where thousands of fans from everything from cosplay to YouTube shows gathered in masses, especially in families, to this growing convention on the weekend.


DAY 1 Friday:

I was a part of the hilarious murder mystery called Werewolf (a group game similar to another one I’ve done at this convention in the past based on the Death Note anime/manga series) were the fans chose to make me a bar wench who then was chosen to be the inspector of who murdered the Mayor. I did very well on my investigations going 2 for 3, as the villagers won by having a great drunk pirate dad healer keep almost everyone alive against the 2 werewolves who were hiding as the village idiot and a Weeb duo. The shorter second session occurred and this time I took my hand as a Guido Mobster Werewolf with a Ghostbusting Selfie-Taking Werewolf who won by killing the village. 40-50 attendees watched the fun-filled antics.

Then I watched Celebrities against Humanity with many special guests like video producers brentalfloss, Leon Thomas and Dex the Swede/Scandinavian(as changed by another guest Diamanda Hagan) while fans who got to win DVDs of horrible movies for playing the game with the Celebrities, and 1 particularly chosen bad gal from the audience participants got German salty Licorice.

I got to play a bit in the arcade room and played some Marvel vs. Capcom 2 as my old Tron Bonne/Cammy/Morrigan team. I was rusty and lost though the Marvel vs. Capcom games I don’t tend to play much aside casually. I also delved into some old war plane arcade shooters from 1942.

DAY 2 Saturday:

I got in to see the D20 Live Q and A talking how to deal with situations like when I asked with how to deal with shy players whom I was told are “the most fun to discover and bring out their interests.

Here is their video of the Q and A:

I got called in to aid Match Game that addressed why Mark Hamill might not like being Luke Skywalker, what does Bowser do that’s nice like golf, tennis and go-kart, and I did very well in the speed round matching 5 of 6 pairs of topics from TMNT over Teenage Wasteland to ConBravo against Johnny Bravo. It was quite enjoyable interacting as well with special guests Video Producers Calluna, Linkara, AniMat, Steve Saylor, Werewolf organizer/Fandom Musicals actor Tyler among others.

The 404s all-new Fiasco show had 170+ people see the RPG format which I won with 5 successes and a win for Taking Back Something Stolen from me (my swamp home) that I stole (from the Moogles). Here are my stats given prior to the show that fans contributed to:

Title: The Kawaii Mysterious Mage
-I was in a Corporation relationship with Mojo. I was used as an experimental subject made by Mojo who was trying to summon an unstoppable evil force for destroying the world!

-I was also in a White Mage/Black Mage (at the start, it got correct by the end of the show of course with Mages United) as a good and bad cop like relationship with Jim. I was found by the Resistance and put on a hijacked track train where Jim would find me at the start.

Jim the White Mage though was the most over character easily. This despite my character Makoto being put in jail on a train for having a Moogle and needing to be bailed by Mojo using Chocobo bale, and overall getting upset and accidentally crossing the mage streams, stripping Jim of his powers temporarily, I did somehow endear to fans after I snapped and started launching a meteor that got turned into pudding by Jim and hit villain Hojo Mojo’s building where I was also an NPC security guard who let Jim do his thing: escaping scenarios by leaping out of windows and being able to heal afterwards. I continued my cute onslaught by summoning a Black Hole, sucking in Mojo, Meryl and a Moogle worker (who I summoned back later on to return Jim’s mage powers to him) to reclaim my swamp hole that now had a landline. In the Black Hole they did make a lemonade/alarm clock stand where I was Keanu Reeves visiting his void of personality. Makoto Inverse revealed she is related to Lina as the infamous older sister who is mentioned in a phone call on the new landline phone like Love Hina had Naru call her step-sister from Negima's Mei. After having some pizza with Jim in the end uniting Mages “of all kinds” for Mages United, statue of Jim who passed in pudding placed on Mojo, pizzas and more Moogles! Oh and no more black and white stereotypes, all holes and mages were of all kinds. Fear her as she might love and want Moogles; she took their land and has tendencies to snap with her Magical summons. But always remember Jim who became a martyr hero with a giant statue after the pudding was too much to heal from and he drowned in it with Mojo, all for the sake of the world!

With that show in the books, I got to do the weekend-long Pokémon Gym Leader challenge on the 3DS going 2-2 with my team consisting of Shiny versions of Gengar, Sawsbuck, Hydregion, Hawlucha, Magmortar and Bastiodon. They had some neat cosplay and we shared stories while duelling as well over other topics from other Pokémon games to pro wrestling. I saw a bit of karaoke too as I got a bit lost getting to the location to be able to sign up at the long line up, but least I got to sing along to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

In the evening I helped at D20 Live Attack on Titan guiding giant inflatable dice for crowd to roll for the Titans who got slayed by Sir Steve (also very over with fans thanks to being played by voice actor Christopher Sabat) and company (video producers Calluna, Linkara and Arkada) with acrobatic near impossibilities. Nicholas Cage and Hillary Clinton looking 15 foot titans 1 hit killed even! QUACK! It was a raucous, packed room of a few hundred dedicated and new fans enjoying the interaction, comedy and role playing being run by GM Big Mike.

DAY 3 Sunday:

Even on the last day, I had fun following friends around the convention then heading to The 404s Open Improv Comedy Workshop which had 102 people appear, a huge turnout and record for the year! They got to learn about Practice Routines from Clap Focus, which targets eye contact and quick thinking later on when also adding things like naming Pokémon to Comic Book Characters, to story building with Yes...And with stories that got wacky every time zombie whales got involved. Many, especially those trying out as over a dozen did fill out forms for future auditions at other workshops, got to be in various games and scenes as well like done in The 404s shows.

Later on Godzilla Smash was fun with the ScrewAttack’s Death Battle crew Wiz and Boomstick, Skitch and He is an Evil Genius Tom White among others, hosted by a mother Jolteon. From Venom to Nightwing tried it as did I doing a rather poor dropkick. I did score 8 captured sponge civilians for a score in the middle of the pack but the winner had way more at 15.

At the closing ceremonies they had the usual fare of thanks, group hugs and suggestions for next year when it’s back July 28-30, 2017. It was a wonderful weekend again where fandoms and geek interests of all kinds got together to have fun and fill the place with laughter and joy again!


-Artist Alley had a Team Valor Moltres Magnet from Hunter Geek at and a Mako with Ryuko Kill La Kill Bookmark from Meg Simmons at and on Twitter & Instagram @megzilla87 that I purchased.

-From the Dealers Room I got from Navito World at a Megumi from Food Wars Figure as well as Saitama the One-Punch Man and Miayachi Renge Non Non Biyori Nendoroids, The Legendary Fisherman & The Legendary Fisherman III of Yu-Gi-Oh from Underworld Shop & Design at and on Instagram @Underworldsd and The Mew Mythical Collection for Pokémon: TCG from Skyfox Games at which is hard to find at times.

-I also won some Gym Leader Badges from the Pokémon 3DS League from Blaine and Falkner who got a website about themselves at leaders as well! Later on I also got from ConBravo staff a Team Valor Button for wearing the Team Valor T-Shirt that I got from Chop Shop Goods at that are also looking for new shirt suggestions anytime!

As always, I collect all videos of the Eastside 404s shows that can be found on the current ongoing Video Play Set at on my channel at

Check out this regularly updated public photo album of my convention photos (the newest photos are at the end pages of the album) at:

The latest events and links to The 404s can be found as well at the main website at as well as their YouTube videos at

Thanks for reading and enjoying the convention report!
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