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Old 09-15-2007
Afrojerus Afrojerus is offline
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split of shocked Kaiba and cocky Yami with caption "It's Called Cheating deal with it!"

Picture of Pegasus in a "say no to" circle and on the back has various comments about him like a political ad

A picture of bandit Keith from the end of episode 23 with the caption
"It's good to be back home..."
On the back

A Picture of Bandit Keith wearing his canadian bandanna and the caption
"Bandit Keith: A Real Canadian Hero"

"Child nabbing Graduate 2007"

A picture of bakura with his millenium ring pointing toward the person reading the shirt caption
"My Gaydar is getting strong readings from you"

"I survived the duelist kingdom and all i got was this lousy t-shirt.

"Duke Devlin Fan club member"

"Shut up Mokuba!"

"Get the F*ck out of my mansion"

"Ixnay on the Arlingday"

"I'm Mariks Mind Slave"

A list of mokubas kidnappings

Kaiba on the front
on the back "Listen pal you can try to take over my company, you can kidnap my little brother, you can even try to kill me, but when you f*ck around with video games you've gone too far"

Coffee Cup slogans

"Worlds Greatest Henchman"

"Super Special Awesome Mug"

"worlds greatest mind slave"

"Millenium Coffee Mug"

Bumper stickers

"Screw your Honor Roll student I Have Money!"

"I'm a graduate of the Child Grabbing classes 2007."
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Old 09-16-2007
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Yugioh the Abridged Series season 1

Episodes 1- however many were season 1
Bonus episodes
Commentary from "the cast"
Interview with the characters
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Old 11-09-2007
Nowacking14 Nowacking14 is offline
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OMG great ideas! "Mind Crush!" would also be a cool hat!
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Old 11-16-2007
Afrojerus Afrojerus is offline
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Old 11-16-2007
Afrojerus Afrojerus is offline
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Personally i'd like to see the exaggerated kidnapping list the most.
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