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Post Anime North 2015 Post-Convention Report

Anime North 2015 in Toronto, Ontario on May 22-24 at

It was another spectacular weekend at the largest Canadian fan convention that covers so much more than just anime! From Anime-themed pro wrestling where Elmo ruled the roost with help from Sailor Jupiter and the Megazord, to tons of gaming events for video games, card games, board games and everything in between, with of course all sorts of anime events like video rooms, AMV contests, cosplay events and more, it was a nice way to spend a weekend with fellow otaku.

This year’s 404s Improv Comedy Shows occurred at 2 sites: the International Plaza Ballroom’s newly split up panel room C and the newly acquired North Building Main Stage just behind the Toronto Congress Centre (TCC). The shows grew each time, with the Opening Ceremonies post show having about 200 incoming fans, then for the new Big Fat Anime Quiz of the Year game show the Plaza C room got packed with about 300 seated fans. The audience was packed again for the League Show on Saturday, then over 1200 came to the famous Late Night Show this time called Last Pants Standing Against Humanity to incorporate the infamous card game for mature fans. Finally on Sunday another 1000 plus fans came to the Fanmade Setlist Show with another 200-300 coming in before the Closing Ceremonies to watch the additional long format missing episode of the anime Food Wars.

Let me begin saying the Missing Episode show was one of THE best I’ve ever seen. I was happy to aid in the prep since I follow the anime on Crunchyroll at and it was amazing to see the cast, with only 1 having seen some of the show but now interested in viewing what they presented, get the cast down pat and then some. From Soma becoming the best chef ever in competition with his legendary father Joichiro Saiba, to him competing against the villainous Erina, who was slowly falling for him to battling her right hand student Ikumi Mito (who I accidentally named Alice who is another character, but the way ‘Nikumi’ was played Alice worked even better for the show) and somehow fitting French Poodle as the secret ingredient, it was just a laugh riot all the way through!

The other shows had some amazing highlights of course too. The League Format had some fun moments with 4 teams: The Ministry of Silly Hats, Team Hugs, The 10 Year Olds and Team Sex Appeal. Having “El Reffo” in the pink lucha pro wrestling mask was fun. There were a bunch of fun titles for scenes such as “Phone Home” that lead to a complex dating phone call, various scenes involving the Mayan Club who kept trying so hard to get members for human sacrificing to the Sun God, and even a scene to show the world something called “Yaoi”. The new format of the Big Fat Anime Quiz of the year had everything from one team having a fine BBQ meal during the show, to somehow “Lesbian Marriage” being a winning answer while covering all sorts of anime shows in clues, charades and Pictionary.

We had some interesting suggestions from the audience. Some scenes from a hat included the first time meeting your girlfriend’s parents, if Goku became a Jehovah’s Witness, Snorlax the Pokémon at a rave, and if Superman’s new weakness was marshmallows, which meant he could no longer have S’mores at a camping trip. The scenes were aplenty during the shows ranging from puppeteering Dead Bodies to re-enact Sword Art Online with the villain being “Gary”, to having a narration of Hey You Down There to how to make GUNPLA model. There was a party where my Quirk was being Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the episode where she could read minds, and a Slideshow of a couple's vacation that seemed to involve voodoo.

When not at a 404s show there were other fun things to do. Photo shoots happened all over and I was able to once again participate in the Kill La Kill one near the TCC/Harvey’s area this year. It was nice to see old faces of friends I made last year and new ones as well as new characters done too. Being in my Barazo cosplay that day worked out with the cool weather, as well as the day before in my Shinra cosplay from Durarara.

The Charity Auction, my last as a confirmed main auctioneer, ended with over $11,500 raised for the Hospital for Sick Kids. Many of the special guests, especially a nice speech about why to give to the cause even to save 1 child by artist Kurt Lehner, added to the event while many items got auctioned off.

And it was a pleasure to come in for the live on-site Extreme Anime Radio show with NefCanuck at on Friday. It was nice talking about The 404s shows and the Charity Auction but also casual talk on hockey, anime and more.


*I found 1 particularly awesome Legend of Korra Nintendo 3DS holder that is kind of like a larger pencil holder with pockets inside for my games. I got it from Bahamut Dawn Creations who can be found at She had told me had she seen more of the series before making this case she’d have totally added Asami on the other side, but I found it still to be a very nicely done case.

*Found in the new gaming area in the TCC a few new stores including one that was selling American candies and sweets that are hard to find! I got myself some Willy Wonka Everlasting Gobstobbers, Star Wars themed Jelly Bellies, and one of my favourite chocolate bars ever, a Whatchamacallit!

*From the Charity Auction I took some time to make a few bids with the fans as well when not auctioneering. I got myself a set that had 3 Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroids and a hardcover book of The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya. The other set I was in heavy bidding for and got was the Avatar the Last Airbender hardcover art and comic book for The Promise, and 2 plushies of Sokka and Katara!

*The people at GCW at were the fine pro wrestling folk to have the pink Lucha mask at a fair price seen at The 404s League Show worn by “El Reffo”.

*Finally got around to finding the right shirt for a great price at Chop Shop Goods with a new Kill La Kill Satsuki Junketsu Kamui T-shirt. They’re at and do appear at various big conventions.

*Also visited friends at Navito World to get a large Satsuki Figure that sits on the desk with the other figurines and other collectibles. They’re at

*A friend who does a store for old and used toys sold me 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys that I’m giving to a family friend’s daughter for her birthday.

*Other items from various places included getting the Phantom Forces XY Elite Trainer Box that is now very hard to find along with a Mega Gengar card bought separately, and the Street Fighter Deck-Building Game.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s installment of the Anime North post-convention report!

As always, I collect all videos of the Eastside 404s shows that can be found on the current ongoing Video Play Set at on my channel at

Check out this regularly updated public photo album of my convention photos (the newest photos are at the end pages of the album) at:

The latest events and links to The 404s can be found as well at the main website at: as well as having more YouTube videos at


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