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The worst book I have ever read?

It might surprise some of you but its "Mother Courage and Her Children". I absolutely HATE this book. Why?

I had to read it when I was in the 10th and it was a total horror. Instead of watching the play we had to read this thing. It was horribly written, it was boring as hell and to top all of that it was one of the things the most grades were given.

I have nothing against good german literature not only because I'm German. In fact I liked to read stuff like "Isabella von Ägypten" or "Der goldene Topf". It's quite interesting but to read Drama just SUCKS.

There are also good plays like Schillers "Die Räuber". But "Mother Courage"?
EFF this play. Nobody should be forced to read it. NOBODY.

I am usually pretty calm and some people believe I can't snap but "Mother Courage"....

Let's say you can compare it to the hatred and anger the Angry Video Game Nerd feels for "Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde" and the Nostalgia Critic feels for "The bat credit card".
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