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the worst book ever read is hard one, I mean to put something as worst is big thing o0, I guess depends on what class of woeful evaluate it:-

-great premise poorly delivered=Peace and War, if the writer of this book had been slightly more talented and engaging, this could have been one of the greatest science fiction books ever written, sadly a glib and stagnant writing style meant it was average read which failed to ever capture the imagination

-Poor writing style and lack of depth=harry potter (don't get me wrong, it not the worst in very aspec because nothing is bad in every aspec, but it is bad in these ways)

-Overally moral book-girl who played with fire=don't get me wrong, I like the series overal but Larsson's constant portrayal of all men as sexually repression demons who come right out of frauds rape your mother, kill your father book, just undermines his honest intent of trying to show sexism is bad and makes more like he is gloating about his own enlightment against sexism to us.....shame because belittles his aims and adds a constantly annoying buzzing sound to what would otherwise be an intriguing read

-Worst overal=Ironically mine is vampire book as well.or books, basically all the Antia books after about book 4, possibly 5......generally I cannot stand modern fiction and the way it makes vampires out to some sort of sexual object.......yer they were based off the effects of TB and most would be your own dead family members, not looking so scary anymore huh??? these are meant to cruel, sadistic hunters of men, these are our last predators, not our sex buddies -_-
-however rant 1 over lol, my mate made me read the first of these, basically so he prove that I was wrong not to like vamp books and out of the horde he forced upon me, these were only ones which really grabbed me enough to make read on...mainly for two reasons:-
1=the writer decided to add in a human character who wasn't the main leather wearing, ass talking, everyone loves me female lead, who was actually worth reading about
2=in the early books, those were undertones of the annoying modern day sex rubbish, the main premise was about a catholic woman who hunted vampires and the vampires were generally quite mean, so it was about as close as I was going to get to a proper vampire story which didn't rip off all worst parts of Dracula
:-I mean the writing was bad, the characters weren't great, apart from edward (no not that edward) and generally the stories were nothing revolutionary, but it was lighthearted, past the time horror which worth reading
-however sadly by the 4-5 book, this was lost and it had become another vamp-pre-teen chick-fick, where had 1 page of action followed by 5-6 pages of sex talk which isn't really sex so much as the repressed desires of the author and the main character had gone from catholic human to mary sue's god complex Dragon Ball z style and well it physically hurt to keep reading it, I gave up on the number 6, my mate told me it got worse and he loved them at the o0

PS can their be a rule that not allowed to put twilight, dont get me wrong, I am not fan of the series, just I cannot be bothered to read through 100 pages of twilight and Beiber suck, just to find the intelligent responses
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