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Default Worst book you've read?

So if you had to pick a book series you absolutely hated or just plain didn't like which would you pick?

One of my least favorites would have to be a vampire romance Vampire Kisses (bet many were expecting Twilight when I said vampire romance lol)

Basically it's about this "goth" girl (who is the perfect example of a stereotypical mallgoth who knows nothing of the gothic subculture) named Raven (cliche goth name much?) who basically lives in a town where no one likes and accepts her because she's "goth" (which is rather unrealistic considering I was one of the few people in my town who dressed all dark yet people didn't automatically hate me for it)
So this hot new "goth" guy moves into the creepy old mansion she loved visiting and OMG HE'S A VAMPIRE. Which is like PERFECT for her considering she literally WORSHIPS them.
Romance between them literally starts after one date, hell it starts before they actually meet. He invited her over to his house for dinner because she dressed differently(not even kidding, his excuse was that it meant she was different from everyone else, but she broke into his house like a day or two before his invite and honestly I would have filed a restraining order on her ass, not invite her over for a meal just because she dressed in black)
So far there are 7 going on 8 books and I've so far read them all and to be honest I am NOT impressed at all. It's cliche, predictable, and very stereotypical.

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