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Lightbulb Does anyone still use this thread anymore?

I would like to see more casual-styled shirts that aren't in your face YGOTAS. Something that you can get by with wearing around people who aren't familiar with YGOTAS without them asking questions that are difficult (and sometimes awkward) to explain to a non-fan.

I LOVE the new Kaiba Corp Uniform shirt, and I have it on backorder. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. Subtle enough to not have questions asked about its meaning, yet a fellow YGO or YGOTAS fan will recognize it for what it is.

I also wonder about shirts/keychains that feature Little Kuriboh himself rather than specifically YGOTAS-exclusive items. What if a shirt was made in a similar fashion to the Kaiba Corp Uniform, but with a "LK" logo and a picture of a kuriboh?
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