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To update my readings with a lot of my old series done, and a few about to be done like Bleach, this is my main ongoing list:

-Naruto (which itself likely might end soon as the signs are there but it's been a very fun read as it gets through this latest arc in the Konoha Wars. I also read the parody Rock Lee for laughs that are a nice break from the heavier action of Naruto at times.)

-History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (gotten good again with the addition of the Weapons faction and more activity involving Kenichi's martial arts masters as well)

-Accel World (along with its side story Dural it's been a good MMORPG themed read my friends got me into)

-Soul Eater Not! (with the main story just ending it looks like the side story arc will continue at least to show another cast of students learning to fight and hunt down witches and other monsters in the past)

-One-Punch Man (just got into this series on a suggestion and it's great for some hilarious action of heroes)

-UQ Holder (I just started this one too and it's the time skip sequel to my all time favourite manga Mahou Sensei Negima. I'm glad to have started on it and there will be some more prevalent links to the past manga and likely others of Ken Akamatsu as he likes to hint.)
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