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Default DAZZLE.

God damn, I hate this thing.

Okay. I bought a Dazzle months ago.
Plugged it in, but it couldn't connect to my computer/TV.

I bought the connectors.

"Okay!" I said. "Time to stream."

I download everything I needed to; Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3, and the .xml file from ustream.

I set it up, and click "start stream". Video is there, and I get all excited. Then someone tells me I don't have sound.


I can NEVER get Vista to recognize sound. I even bought that S-Video bullshit cable, and still nothing. My only last chance is to get those connectors... you know, where you stick the Red/White cables into it, and you put the other end in the microphone slot? That's my last hope. If that doesn't work, then I have wasted nearly 200 dollars on a piece of shit.

Oh, and I have the "audio drivers" [WHICH ARE BULLSHIT] installed on my computer.

Anyone know how to help me? I really don't wanna waste more money.
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