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Originally Posted by Zairak View Post
In the case of income taxes, there's likely a fund set aside from prior year taxes. It's effectively the same as you sending them a set amount of money, complete with tax records, and them sending back a portion of it based on said tax records and deductions. It comes from the taxes you're paying.

The second point is related to what I said above. The purpose of our government is to facilitate the survival and relative well being of its citizens. In that light, giving tax money back to people with children who had no income during the year is no different than the government setting up a fund or organization for the purpose of helping the unemployed. It's just a service that we, as a society, have elected to provide through taxes to our relatively less well off, in this case assuming they have tax deductible children.
I must be underestimating the actual amount of money they make from taxes.
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