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Originally Posted by Ishikawa Oshro View Post
Explain income taxes to me someone.
I don't feel like having to read the google 20 page in depth version currently.
Specifically why people get their taxes back?

If the whole idea of paying taxes is to "invest" in a government that protects us. Then how are they giving money that they "spend" back to the people?
Even more how do people that make $0.00 a year get money for having kids on their income taxes?

Always behooved me.
The general idea is that the government is attempting to provide additional support to citizens with concerns and responsibilities that other citizens lack. It's the entire purpose behind tax deductions, it's a way to identify which citizens should receive what special considerations. It was likely chosen to be done in this manner so that a single organization could process it instead of several smaller organizations or aid programs to give help to citizens with said special responsibilities.

Some examples of special responsibilities, for instance, and in reference to your last point, include raising children.

In short, it's just a more convenient way for the government to perform its duty of caring for its citizens. It doesn't hurt that the idea of getting tax money back appeals to quite a lot of people.
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