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There are so many XDXDXD

Jeremy from peep show some random quotes of his XDXDXD

"this isn't wrong, just illegal" "nothing wrong with that"
"when the going gets tough, roll out the hot potatoes"
"oh the secret twix, were u planning on having that for dessert after you feasted on my dead carcus?"

Mark from peep show is hilarious
"Frosty flakes are people who cannot handle reality"
"Ill give u the broom geoff, its alright sophie, ive got the broom"
"Ive been turning this over in my head like a bad pancake"

"She knows about cubits, she's uncomfortable in her own skin
She's one of me"

Er, Jeremy!
Jeremy Usborne: What?
Mark Corrigan: What's Hans doing?
Jeremy Usborne: He's honking on his crack pipe.
Mark Corrigan: Crack! I've got company.
Jeremy Usborne: Oh relax. "Oh I'm Mark, I'm in the eighties, I'm dying of heroin in a puddle in the corner in an advert." Drugs are fine, Mark, everyone agrees now. Drugs are what happen to people and that's fine, so shut up.

Jeremy "This would be so much easier if She wasn't a person with hopes and dreams and grasping clinging Arms"

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