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Default Otakon is yo con, silly!

Hey guys, sorry for the late-ness of this post... buuuuuuuuuut:

Although Littlekuriboh is out touring Australia like a rock star, there will still be a YGOTAS presence at Otakon 2011 this year!

And we won't be alone, we will have a booth with the good folks over at Leo and Satan!

We'll be in the dealers hall all weekend long with YGOTAS merch as well as Leo and Satan merch.

Don't feel like going to Otakon? We'll also be hanging out Saturday, July 30th, at Bit Gen Gamer Fest 6! Bunch of video game bands, blah blah blah, just watch the video below for more info. The venue is just a few blocks away from the Baltimore Convention Center, so there is no excuse not to show up and rock!

So come join Sean Kiely, Chris O'Neill, and myself in Baltimore next weekend! It'll be a weekend you will never forget! Or maybe you will, because alcohol does cause long and short term memory loss...

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