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Originally Posted by Fenrir502 View Post
Damn, now I need to figure out some way of getting to Sydney for a day.

*packs vegemite*
Me too, wish that LK was going to Supanova Brisbane instead :P

Originally Posted by TheOcean View Post
I still don't believe duke nukem forever is real. Little Kuriboh is obviously trolling. j/k
I played the demo at Supanova and have seen the game package instore but I still don't believe it.

Originally Posted by little_orange View Post
as an aussie can i just tell you we dont eat vegemite like that>.< its just a prank we like to pull on unsuspecting visitors, we know how bad it tastes straight and its funny watching the faces of people eating it like that for the first time.
I eat it straight from the jar sometimes, I love the way vegemite tastes :) Though my favorite way to have it is on sao biscuits with cheese.

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