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Originally Posted by TheOcean View Post
I get like that too. I would like long silky hair but it gets past my shoulders, gets raggedy, and looks sad.
Originally Posted by TheOcean View Post
Nothing holds my hair properly. I can't even wear a ponytail without flyaways.
Yeah, my hair needed to go. I actually bleached it twice and dyed it red. I trimmed the ends because they were just dead. It was about halfway down my back. I tried finding new styles but it just all needed to go lmao. It's halfway down my neck now haha

Flyaways are the worst though, I get those too. I watched a sockbun tutorial to learn how to use mine, and the girl used a toothbrush and hairspray to keep them down. I can't use hairspray or it'll strip the red which was another one of my long hair issues
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