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Originally Posted by gcar90 View Post
Here is a reply.

Originally Posted by Zairak View Post
Am I really the only user from the old forum who never got around to learning how to use the multiquote button?
Yes, but never fear as I shall explain it to you.

You start off finding the posts that you want to multiquote.

You go to the first one and click this little button right here.

This will make that button turn orange, meaning it will show up the next time you quote a post. You can do this for as many posts as you want (if there is a limit then I have never hit it).

Once you have selected all the additional posts you wish to quote, click the normal quote button on the last one.

You will be taken to the reply page with the quotes arranged in the order that you selected them. You can cut and paste to move them around if you want, obviously.

Now you simply type up your replies to each individual quote in the space between. And there you have it. With a little practice and black magic, you too can learn to multiquote.

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