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Good morning, everyone.
I’d like to give a hopefully objective review on how the game changed, because I like this game and I will force my interests and opinions on everyone^^
Probably the most noticeable change is how the Extra-Deck gained more influence and importance. In the past, when the Extra-Deck only stored Fusion-Monsters before you summon them, most decks didn’t have an Extra-Deck, because a Fusion-Summon requires assembling the specific monsters listed on the Fusion-Monster. This changed when Synchro-Monsters were introduced in the 3rd generation. They are also stored in the Extra-Deck, but unlike Fusion-Monsters, you don’t need specific cards to summon them. You only need to collect Monsters whose total level is equal to the Level of the Synchro-Monster which you want to summon and one of those monsters has to be a Tuner. In order to summon the XYZ-Monsters you don’t even need a tuner, you only need to collect Monsters with the same level.
As Synchro- and XYZ-Monsters usually don’t need specific monsters to be summoned, but can be summoned by combining any monsters, you can decide which one you want to summon based on the situation. Furthermore, many new cards and archetypes focus on modifying the level of your Monsters, so you can summon Synchro and XYZ even easier.
As summoning Syncro and XYZ became very easy and you can chose the monster which you want to summon based on the situation, most players chose this -apparently superior- strategy over older strategies.
Before the introduction of Synchro and XYZ, there was another big change in the game dynamic. That change occurred at the end of the 2nd generations, when the archetypes “Lightworn” and “dark Counterparts” were released. Since then, the Graveyard gained a lot of importance. Lightsworn force you to put cards from your Deck to your Graveyard, while Dark Counterparts require cards in your Graveyard to be played. Later similar cards were released to give you more control over which cards you have in your graveyard and more ways to use them. Though this strategy worked quite well, now it is nearly never used alone anymore, but only as part of a deck which also summons Synchro and XYZ.
Therefore most duels are just like the other, since both player play with a deck based on summoning the same Synchro- and XYZ-Monsters.
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