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Let me tell you ... Prussia ... well I read somewhere a couple of days ago that "one does not silly walk into German history" and it seems that this is right. Prussia was indeed the strongest (military) state within the HRE, but I think it's a bit... annoying that only Prussia gets some screentime in Hetalia. Prussia was like Bavaria a kingdom in that time. It's not possible to speak from "Germany" before... before... let's face it... before 1919/1949. And we still haven't got a real unitary state like France. The 16 federal states are still very strong and self-governed.

However, in 1871 Prussia became the German Empire together with the other German states. Wilhelm was a Prussian (Hohenzollern), though. But the old kindom didn't exist anymore. Prussia became something like an ideal, you can say, because it had such a strong military under the Fredericks (father and son and by son I mean "the great") and most of the clichés about Germans are Prussian stereotypes, like being on time, being strong, being organized etc.
And well Hetalia Prussia is just... not like that. When I saw him the first time I had to smile, because I see him as a "dead idol" who lost his former glory. The "strong" Prussian eagle, the symbol of their kingdon, became a little yellow sparrow. But Prussia isn't really dead yet. Its idea is still present, at least here. So yeah, maybe one of the reasons why Hetalia Prussia isn't dead either.

And it would be more historical canon when Hetalia Prussia speaks French, because Frederick loved the French ideal and refused to talk German at court because he thought that German is the language for the mob. Mhm, Hetalia Prussia is a really strange transfiguration of a nearly "dead ideal"/person/state. Lol, now I would like to see more from Hetalia Prussia to compare and analyize his character with the real Prussian kingdom and its history. Might be an interesting topic for a short presentation.

But I know why I don't want to join the Hetalia fandom. I can laugh about it and I get every historical hint and I know what's just plain wrong when I see it, but most of the fans don't. And from the comments I read at tumblr etc. I realise that a lot of people think that there was Prussia and Germany... or Prussia and the HRE. It's not important for the future of this world to know that the HRE was a construct formed of more than 300 little and some bigger states and yeah one of those 300 was Prussia AND the Duchy of Austria. (With Napoleon the numbre of "states" shrinks to 45 and the HRE ends)

I could go on and explain the problems of the wars in the 1740's and 50's/60's ... but I won't...

And to live there... duh, as a woman it was maybe okay for that time, but I wouldn't recommend that if your incarnation was a man. The possibility that you die at the frontlines was really really high and no you hadn't got the chance to choose if you want to become a soldier. You were young and had good teeth... that was reason enough for the absolute monarchy to treat you like dirt. Frederick always thought that he's such a clerisy personality, but his state was nothing more than a military dictatorship, that's at least my personal opinion.
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