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Okay so I had a number of dreams last night I don't recall enough to write about, I do recall one I just had before waking however!

It was very Lord of the Rings like, except it was also in part like being at a convention.
There was fighting and actual death, I even fired an arrow at an enemy but it landed at his feet I just did a pointing motion at the nearest archer and walked away in a comical fashion.

After being pushed back into the convention building I tried to clear my way forward, I comically looked around the corner of a doorway while hearing chanting of some sort.
Snuck by realizing magic wasn't a good thing to mess with alone, saw someone coming around the corner of the hall.

They had a hammer and a fancy hat on, I ran at them with my sword and shield drawn and jumped off the steps at them. I quickly stopped as I realized they weren't the enemy, it was Linkara! (of

I sheathed me blade and walked with him as he told me the chanting was Dr Insano trying to come up with something to combat the Orcs and such, he showed me to where the other front-line fighters were. There was a pizza party or something, I sat and spoke with them talking about my armour/costume and bit into what I can only describe as a nacho pizza...

Then the dream ended, but damn that was good dream pizza.
It was like an almost soft dough but with a little nacho chip crunch, two cheeses, peppers, ground beef... *Homer Simpson gargle hungry noise*

All in all it felt really "To boldly flee" like in it's silly factors, but also a sense of danger.
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