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Originally Posted by MrsSallyBakura View Post
It's cute. Friday is a horrible song. Her new one doesn't grind against my eardrums.

Going on tour with 2 songs... wow... lame.
On tour with two songs? that will be a first in history at least XD

Friday is indeed a horrible song, why do you think she hasn't put it on her channel? she knows its bad as well but most likely still has to sing it on her tour because she has no other option and you know what music companies are like.

But still they should use some freaking common sense to allow her to come out with at least 5 more songs before doing this stupid idea of going on tour, I just hope she doesn't get the haters following her and ruining her good time because I can tell she's trying hard while someone like Justin Bieber doesn't try at all and one of the main reasons why I would never spend a second on his stories/music, not worth it.
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