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It's the only thing I've commented on since because

a) It's what I dislike the most

b) It's what everyone is calling me out on.

Chidori I realize there are more topics than the one I provided, but that's the stereotypical sort of thing one of the 'songs' is about, hence me posting it. And I have nothing against songs about love or anything like that and realize it's a common theme in all genres.

Also as I look through the thread I realize I'm the only one who despises rap in general, so I guess that should have been a clue to me to hold my tongue. I also notice that Danny was being a fuck head earlier on and therefore should have ignored his comment.

So I'm saying it now, formally. Sorry, ok? Geez

If anyone honestly wants to formally argue the social impact of rap with me then by all means say something. Otherwise I'll keep myself in check better.

p.s. rap still sucks <img src='/images/emoticons/smiley2.png'>

p.p.s. Quit being such a nob Danny. Go hate on people somewhere else.
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