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I'm not talking about your taste in music bucko, I'm talking about your complete lack of knowledge about it. If you think every emotive hardcore band only plays power chords sings about being depressed then you are a fool. Also, pretty much every band ever has songs about love troubles, it's typically the most common topic for music to be written about.

Everything you said about Hip-Hop was complete tripe as well, especially that 'you are NOT a musician if you don't know an instrument' bollocks because if that's the case then I suppose you think Luciano Pavarotti wasn't a musician either... and you asuming every Hip-Hop song is made without instruments and is about bitches in da club and all that bollocks then you are again, a fool.

You don't have to like it, but disliking something and being completely wrong whilst jumping to stupid closed minded conclusions are two very different things.
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