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There's also another funny anime I watched, it's called Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, although I would only really recommend it if you are 17, 18+, and/or can take gross jokes, swears etc. I swear I love this show, but it's totally (EFF)ed up. Basically there these 2 angel sisters, a blondie named Panty, and a loli-goth named Stocking. They were kicked out of heaven for bad behavior, and they stay on earth with a priest named Garterbelt (who if u ask me, he looks kinda like Black Dynamite). They have to fight these monsters called Ghosts and earn Heaven Coins to buy their way back into heaven. Oh yeah, they can also turn their panties and socks into guns and swords. Yeah like I said, pretty (EFF)ed up.
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