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@Dark-kun: Sounds like fun, but I'll probably give it a miss. I might end up getting it a few years down the line when it's in some kind of preowned bargain bucket, as most games are wont to do.

So, completely contrary to my last post about the Circle Pad Pro, I bought Resident Evil Revelations about a week or so ago after enjoying the demo quite a bit (it did not come bundled with the accessory, unfortunately)...

Today, I gave in and bought the Circle Pad Pro.

Such a good move, it makes Resi SO, SO, SO much easier to control!

In related news, I tried the Metal Gear Solid 3D demo out without the circle pad, and it's not great. I then tried it with the accessory, and it's still a bit crappy. The cinematic frame rate is actually appalling, and the control scheme even with the circle pad is a bit iffy.

I'd be interested to hear everyone else's views on the MGS demo?
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