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I got the same, and I agree with your sentiment. I love Super Pokemon Rumble (as it is called in Europe)... in my eyes it's defying the "mediocre" rating the critics have slapped on it.

On Super Mario 3D Land - Bugger me, a Mario game I can actually play to completion... although this does mean it's not difficult at all (especially with the Tanuki suit, which is the Mario universe equivalent of god-moding), the visuals, extra depth option and sheer variety of play styles in each (albeit very short) level definitely makes it really fun to play... it's almost as addictive as Super Pokemon Rumble

I'm going out to get Mario Kart 7 tomorrow with some of my Christmas money... it'll be the second Mario Kart title I've ever owned (the first being Mario Kart Super Circuit which I got from the second stage of the ambassador programme a short while ago XD )

Also, Europeans, I'd recommend registering 2 3DS titles with Club Nintendo before the end of January so you can get the Kid Icarus 3D Classics game for free from the eShop.
The list of compatible titles is on the club nintendo page (but not on the US site)
... yeah I don't know how that'll swing for you yanks >_>

Damn Nintendo, you sure like giving out free games, and I'm not complaining! XD
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