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I love this series. :3

I've read all five books, as well as the companion book. Some guide thingy.

And I looked on the Percy Jackson site a while back, and guess what? Rick Riordan was touring in my state! :D

So I now have my copy of The Last Olympian signed by its author. :3

Oh, and I was able to talk to him while he was signing my book:


Me: So, what would happen if two half-bloods had a kid? Would it be, like, a quarter-blood?

Riordan: Well, most half-bloods don't live that long.

Me: Right, right.

Riordan: Getting attacked by monsters and such.

Me: True. But would the kid have any powers?

Riordan: I think they'd be like a regular human- unless the parents were really strong.


Also, he says he's making a new series. And this time, it's with- drumroll please- the EGYPTIAN GODS! 8D
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