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Originally Posted by ShiningRadiance View Post
...Why is Chad still alive?
[ Because he's obviously going to sacrifice himself to save Rukia and Renji during their fight with Yammy then Ichigo will come and kill Yammy and Orihime will try to revive Chad but she's still healing Uryu and she decides not to use her Shun Shun Hack on him. This will lead to Ichigo going into some sort of rage and he'll kill Aizen and Gin and Tousen. Then Halibel completely strips and kills Captian Shortie with a nosebleed, then is attacked by Stark and Captian Pervy. Teh Endz.
._. How 'bout some originality Tite? Kill Orihime for instance. That'll make a lot of people happy. >_> Although then Ichigo will go into a blind rage and kill anything within five miles.
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