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I enjoy this series. It has some cliches and weaknesses common to juvenile adventure books, but those just lower your guard enough that it's really innovative twists come as a surprise.

I think it manages to take an look at the gods and greek mythos with more moral complexity than most adult literature using them.

I also think it's awesome because the author makes good use of every frigging monster in the mythos, and a lot of awesome ones are dreadfully underused. x3

My main complaint with the series is the audiobooks. I enjoy audiobooks, and I like the series itself, but I think the current administration should pass a law to forbid Jesse Burnstein from ever reading anything outloud again. >.< He has four voices: male voice, squeaky voice that's supposed to sound female, big idiot voice, and gravelly monster voice. More than half of them are annoying, and he always overacts or puts emphasis in the wrong places.
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