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Dream 2: Iron man.

Dreamt I was Iron Man's sidekick/apprentice with my own suit.
There was some terrorist plot which included advanced androids and bombs.

It was discovered that they were trying to gain control of a number of technologies through some sort of virus program,
Tony made sure to do constant checks on our suits and the rest of his tech to be on the safe side.
Someone involved was caught and in police custody, Tony and I went to get what info we could.
While Tony was out of the room the wires and crap started coming alive around the person and trying to get
at me or rather my suit, I managed to stay away long enough for Tony to come back and lay down a beat-down.
I evidently didn't have the pulse weapons or missiles or anything that Tony did, my suit was tough and could fly though I had blades it seemed.
When we got back to the "layer" Tony gave my suit a check for the virus but didn't find anything, there was an attack
in the city and we set off to face what waited for us.

Tony had to take care of some rouge missiles and bad guys as I did the same in another part of town, ran into a group of androids
and cyborgs trying to blow up the area. Fought them off as best I could with my blades which seemed to be a broadsword and dagger style
combo, after the mess was done I checked in some wreckage to find a boy near death with a dead body near him.
I muttered to myself about "how could I let this happen" and so-forth, the boy opened his hand to reveal a small explosive and a grin on his
face. I grabbed the bomb and threw it down a drain grate in hope of lessening the impact on the street where some people had started to gather, the boy sprang up and was revealed to be an android.

A large missile came out of a nearby truck and launched, I tried grabbing onto it but my hand didn't get a grip.
I took off after the missile and had to do some tricky flying, ended having to go through buildings in order to keep up with it
and to stay close enough to try and stop it.

The dream ended shortly after that, can't recall if I got it or not, maybe Tony did.
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