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Here's one I had back 2011 on March 30th.

I had a dream last night, it started out like an average one but went odd fast.
I stepped out of my house for whatever reason and found myself in almost pitch black and strange
creatures I could not identify, this scared me of course. As the sun came up I found myself trying to
kick away rabbits and cats, then every damned animal in the area started coming to me
like I was a magnet or something, even the ants and other bugs which freaked me out!
Then I was walking around in a building and passed a room that had someone speaking in front
of a group and I sat down to see what was going on, my Walkman then started acting up and
I couldn't get it to stop, the people in the room started looking at me and it was awkward.
It especially awkward the person talking was a hot girl, I ended up throwing the damn Walkman
out the window and left the room in a panic, the woman followed me and comforted me while walking
down the street with me as I told what had happened earlier with the creatures. We crossed the
street and I somehow jumped clean across from curb to curb? I spoke to her out loud about it
while people stared and while she was telling me it was okay some guy pulled out a gun and
started demanding peoples money, he was holding a revolver and it was a 38 I think with a short barrel.
We stood there not sure what to do when I found myself jumping the guy and trying to wrestle the gun from him,
I got it out of his hand but before a shot went off and hit me in the palm that was holding the thing,
It didn't hurt and the guy jumped back. He was trying to threaten the woman I was with and I was getting
really mad, to the point that I felt the gun in my hand sort get softer? When I let it drop to the ground
it was crushed into a lump, the guy ran off and that's somewhere around when the dream ended. o3o
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