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I can understand your ideas there LK. It's just foreign to me, putting effort in to something where you only like the end result. *Typical Selfish Guy* lol.

I don't understand why they wouldn't be doing it to entertain themselves. Isn't that the very essence for everything? If a person doesn't like acting, why would they do it to make others happy?

To me, the very motive of selflessness is selfish in itself. You're doing it because YOU LIKE to see others happy.

Also, I'm not dumping on you. I think it's great that you do things for others and not yourself.

I guess we're just very different people, I really can't understand the idea of doing something you don't enjoy.

An actor shouldn't act, if acting doesn't entertain them. If they like the reaction, but not the medium, maybe there's a more appropriate way to make people happy, that both parties can enjoy.

BTW LK. You have said you're not very funny before. :) I believe it was in someone elses youtube channel, and iirc, you were dressed in a pink dress or something. :3