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So the first of the new caption contests is over, and we have our winner. It's none other than...

digitLninja with the following caption:

"As time seemed to stand still, The Pharaoh began to regret his earlier decision to wear bacon flavored underpants..."

Runners-up are DarkSpine29 and Zalyni! Honorable mention goes to JesusRocks, who should be reminded that persistence is futile.

This means digitLninja gets thrown into the hat for winning a fabulous mystery prize after four weeks of caption contest fun!

But in the meantime, it's time for our next instalment. I have the fabulous Birde Williams on hand to help me judge, so it's time for you guys to make with the funny.

Once again, entries must be text only, no photoshop entries will win - although simply sticking text onto the image is okay (frowned upon, but okay - it's much easier to just write the text, guys). Must be no longer than 100 words in length. And guys, try to avoid using YGOTAS quotes. I'm not going to pick a winner that just recycled my own writing. That'd be like handing the winning place to myself.

To enter the contest, just click the words "Bacon no jutsu!" at the top of this post and enter your response. Alternatively if that's too confusing, just click the "FORUM" button underneath Yami's smug face at the top of the screen and go to the News section. Thread's in there.