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Desu: Japanese word with apparently varying meanings... usually "is" or some kind of weird, untraslatable piece of grammar... and for some bizzare reason it can also mean "death" as in "Death Note = Desu Noto". It's a term typically for polite usage. The character Suiseiseki, in the anime Rozen Maiden uses it at the end of every sentence (which is grammatically incorrect), which spawned an internet fad based around her and her over-usage of the term (Which has led to some people nicknaming the actual character "Desu"). Underling likes Rozen Maiden, and also likes Desu. He can also read Japanese and knows substantially more about it than I do... and by substantially... I mean, I can't speak, read, understand or write Japanese... ever.

Too bad Underling has now left the site... and it looks like he was serious about the "forever" part this time... he's no-longer marked as a moderator...

Also: that sounds pretty funny ^_^ lol...
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