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Though I haven't seen it on the forums, it is apparent to some extent in American media; a lot of which Canada "imports".
I can't give you an extensive list of stereotypes in the media, but, at the top of my head, there are blatant Canadian stereotypes in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and even in some episodes of The Simpsons. I think it's reasonable to assume that stereotypes generated in this way have at least some effect on the population.

I also can't give you a conclusive answer concerning the "real world" because I haven't met many Americans in real life. Heck, even if I did, that wouldn't be sufficient as evidence since they may not be representative of the whole population.
Conversely, this means that the argument that Americans get stereotyped more than everyone else has no basis.
Can you honestly tell me who is doing the stereotyping ?(i.e. Which people? Which countries? Regions? Are certain countries stereotyping more than others?)

If you are saying "more than everyone else", that means that there's some sort of hierarchy. Which country is stereotyped the least? Which country is stereotyped the second-most? How would you go about comparing this? The very statement is flawed.

Back to the topic though,


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