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Exclamation Forum Game Rules

Okay, folks. Here are some of the rules for forum games!

1. Be sure to check to see if the forum game you want to make isn't already made. No repeats!

2. Don't flame others or anything like that.

3. If you want your game temporarily locked or taken over, PM either one of the forum games assistant moderators (me) or a full mod. The former we can do. As for the latter, we'll have to see.

4. No cybering or sex games. You can kiss, cuddle, or hug, but keep it at a PG-13 level!

5. Because it might be needed, the Ban the Name Above is just for fun. No one's really getting banned.

6. Follow the other rules of the site.

7. Be a good sport. Don't be a jerk if you're going to win or have won, and don't be emo if you're going to lose or have lost.

8. Have fun! After all, these are forum games.

9. Don't take the games too seriously. They are, after all, games on the internet, and sometimes people will be jerks (or a word of your choice), but if we banned all the people on the site who are sometimes jerks, we'd have no one left. Keep in mind that there may be some level of joking around and roleplay involved in these games. Some games involve players voting to remove other players as part of the game. If you take offense to this, then you might not want to play these games.

10. NEW If you're not part of a forum game's round, don't post during that round. Wait until it's over before posting.

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