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Originally Posted by LittleKuriboh View Post
I donít think I can do much beyond continue to work on these silly parody videos. Unfortunately, most attempts I have made to present serious issues to my fans have been met with sarcasm or complaints that Iím not making new episodes. Some do listen, but I often wonder if Iím doing much good.

All I can do is continue doing what I believe in.
The world consists of three people, in my opinion: Selfish people, Neutral people, and Positive people. The selfish only care for new episodes, and will bitch until it is made, and if it doesn't fit their liking, they'll continue to complain. And then you have those people -- the positive people -- who support your actions, think they're brilliant, and love you for saying something. If you don't, that's fine, but it would've been better to do it. (I'm not telling you what to do. You do whatever you want, bro.)

Originally Posted by zsil View Post
Little kuriboh posted on the site??? he never posts on the site!!! This must be rather special to him!!
I don't know how new you are. You have 3,000 posts, so I know you didn't join last week or something. LK isn't frequent in the site, by like, posting in the BAR, or playing forum games. Iirc, he doesn't post much, because when he DOES post, people start going ballistic and saying "OH MY GOD!!!! HI LK!!!!!!!" or "LK POSTED IN A BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / LK'S JOINING MY FORUM GAME?! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" some over dramatic thing. He posts news when he needs to.

Anyways. That's my two cents.
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